• Patient-ID Data Entry Errors Causing Claim Rejections

    Medicare Administrative Contractors have reported an increase of inaccuracies pertaining to patient information submitted on claims. To avoid rejected claims, make sure the patient name and ID number you submit exactly match what’s printed on the Medicare card.

    • Medicare identification numbers generally end in a letter or alpha-numerical combination.
    • Railroad Medicare ID numbers begin with an alpha character.

    If you receive a claim denial with remark codes MA130 and CO-16, correct the claim information and submit as a new claim. MA130 means your claim contains incomplete and/or invalid information and affords no appeal rights because the claim is unprocessable.

    For more on patient identification requirements: CMS IOM Publication 100-01 Medicare General Information, Eligibility and Entitlement Manual, Chapter 2, Section 50.2-50.4.4.