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  • Practice Telemedicine Protocol

    Question: Here is our protocol for patients who are interested in telemedicine.
    They come to clinic for their testing only on Thursday. They are then scheduled for a telemedicine visit with our doctor and choose one of three ways: phone call, Zoom or Google or Facetime. The appointment is scheduled for the following Monday between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. because we may do three to four a day. What do we do when the patient doesn't answer? What if we don't reach them within a timely manner? Does a letter with doctor's findings suffice billing the exam?

    Answer: The patient must consent to a telemedicine services for it to be billed. You can't bill the patient for what is basically a "no show." Follow your no-show protocol. The physician must document the interpretation and report for the testing services. You can bill when the patient finally returns either in person or via telemedicine.