• Surgery Without Office Exam

    Question: One of our surgeons is injured and unable to perform cataract surgery. Is another surgeon of the practice able to perform surgery without seeing the patient in the office?

    Answer: This is more of a risk management question, so we spoke with the Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Co. (OMIC), an affiliate of the Academy. A representative stated that surgery can take place with the following recommendations:

    • Offer the option of waiting since it is elective surgery.
    • Inform the patient of the change in surgeon and document consent to have the second surgeon perform procedure.
    • A new surgeon reviews the medical record.
      • If nothing unusual and there are no questions, there’s no need to see the patient again.
      • See if the surgeon expects complications or has questions about choices.
    • Meeting patient before surgery helpscanbuild a trusting relationship.
      • If there is no meeting, a phone call would also be helpful.
    • Check the consent form: You may need to change name and/or get new form signed.