• AAOE is rolling out a suite of new practice tools: The Administrator’s Toolbox. In the coming months, the "Toolbox" will provide resources for day-to-day practice management for the new administrator. It will also serve as an excellent check list for all administrators with its relevant articles and resources, comprehensive examples from the Practice Forms Library, and shared ideas from seasoned administrators.

    Building Your Administrator’s Toolbox

    Step-by-step, you will build your practice management toolbox by completing assessments of your practice and utilizing articles, resources, and templates available to you from the Practice Forms Library. The toolbox will consist of 6 key topic areas: staffing and organization, risk management, clinic flow, financial management, human resources, and disaster recovery planning.

    Let’s get started with the first practice tool—creating an Organization Chart.

    More to come, so keep checking back for forthcoming practice tools.

    Tips to Deepen Your Practice Knowledge

    We learn from each other by sharing the new challenges we experience every day of our career. Find out what your colleagues are saying through E-Talk by joining AAOE’s dedicated listserv for discussion of practice management concerns. E-Talk is there to help you find best practices and solutions from your colleagues in the field.

    Keep informed through Practice Management Express. AAOE’s weekly e-newsletter brings you news, articles, current practice trends, and reliable tips about ophthalmic coding and management.