• Measure ACI_TRANS_EP_1: e-Prescribing

    Reporting options: 

    All reporting options are available for both group and individual attestation of ACI measures.

    Base Measure? Yes 

    Performance Measure Points: None 

    Exclusions available? Clinicians (or groups if group reporting) with fewer than 100 eligible prescriptions can claim an exclusion for this measure.

    Activity Description: At least one permissible prescription written by the MIPS-eligible clinician is queried for a drug formulary and transmitted electronically using certified EHR technology.

    Definition of Terms

    Prescription: The authorization by an eligible clinician to a pharmacist to dispense a drug that the pharmacist would not dispense to the patient without such authorization.

    Permissible Prescriptions: “Permissible prescriptions” may include or not include controlled substances based on provider selection and where allowable by state and local law.

    Attestation Requirements

    Numerator: The number of prescriptions in the denominator generated, queried for a drug formulary, and transmitted electronically using CEHRT.

    Denominator: Number of prescriptions written for drugs requiring a prescription in order to be dispensed other than controlled substances during the performance period; or number of prescriptions written for drugs requiring a prescription in order to be dispensed during the performance period.

    Suggested Documentation

    Dated report or screenshot of the number of times electronic prescribing was performed in accordance with the above standards. Much like under Meaningful Use, this report should be available from your EHR vendor. 

    How CMS Scores Your Performance

    Base score: Numerator of 1 is all you need