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  • Learn the Nine Essential Parts of Eyeglasses

    Reviewed By Jeffrey Whitman
    Nov. 29, 2017

    In the market for a new pair of eyeglasses? Or is your current pair not fitting correctly? Read on to prepare yourself for your next trip to the optician. Here are the nine main parts of eyeglasses:

    1. Rims

    The rims lend form and character to your eyeglasses—they also provide function by holding the lenses in place.

    2. End pieces

    The end pieces are the small parts on the frame that extend outward and connect the lenses to the temples.

    3. Bridge

    The bridge is the center of the frame that rests on your nose and joins the two rims together.

    4. Hinges

    The hinges, which sit between the end pieces and the temples, allow you to close your glasses by folding the temples inward.

    5. Lenses

    Lenses are the clear pieces of glass, plastic or other material held in place by the rims. The lenses are crafted and shaped with your unique prescription to help you see clearly.

    6. Screws

    The screws are the small metal fasteners near the hinges that connect the end pieces with the temples.

    7. Nose pads

    The nose pads are the round plastic pieces under the bridge that sit on your nose. They give your glasses a more comfortable and secure fit.

    8. Pad arms

    The pad arms extend from the rims and hold the nose pads in place. They’re adjustable to fit the natural shape of your face.

    9. Temples

    The temples are the long arms on the side of the frame that fit over your ears for a snug fit.

    Diagram of nine parts of eyeglasses