• Abrahamson Family

    Generation 1

    Ira A. Abrahamson, Sr. MD (1893-1980)

    • MD, Marquette University Medical School
    • Army Medical Corps, WWI
    • Studied overseas in Vienna, Switzerland and London
    • Practiced in Cincinnati 1921-1945
    • Army Medical Corps, WWII, European theater, earned Bronze Star
    • Director, Ophthalmology Dept., Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati, 1953-1956
    • Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
    • Practiced in Cincinnati until 1973

    Generation 2

    Ira A. Abrahamson, Jr. MD (b.1924)

    • MD, University of Cincinnati, 1948
    • Intern, Cincinnati General Hospital, 1948-1949
    • Resident, Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, 1949-1951
    • Ohio National Guard (inactive), 1948-1950
    • United States Coast Guard, 1950-1951
    • United States Army, 1951-1953
    • Resident, Cook County Hospital, IL, 1953-1955
    • Practiced in Cincinnati with his father, 1955-1973
    • Practices in Cincinnati, 1973-present
    • Professor, University of Cincinnati, 1964-2004
    • Established Abrahamson Pediatric Eye Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, 1995
    • Established Abrahamson Chair of Pediatric Ophthalmology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, 2006

    Margaret Abrahamson Halle, MD (b.1921)

    • MD, University of Cincinnati, 1946
    • Intern, Grasslands Hospital, NY, 1947
    • Resident, Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary,1951
    • Practiced in Memphis, TN, 1951-1986
    • “My father used to take me on rounds at the hospital and in those days they didn’t use any sutures so he would have to change the patient’s dressings daily for 10 days. The patients would kiss his hands and thank him for restoring their sight and that impressed me so much that I wanted to be a doctor too.” – Dr. Halle

    Generation 3

    Richard I. Abrahamson, MD (b.1961)

    • BA, Biology, Middlebury College, VT, 1983
    • MD, University of Cincinnati Medical School, 1987
    • Fellowship, Tufts-New England Medical Center, 1989
    • Resident, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, 1992
    • Practices with his father, 1992-present
    • Chairman, Ophthalmology Dept., Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati