• Sep 05, 2018

    Brazil | Retina/Vitreous | Instituto Paulista de Estudos e Pesquisa em Oftalmologia

    Institution/Practice Information

    Name: Instituto Paulista de Estudos e Pesquisa em Oftalmologia
    Type: Private Practice
    Website: www.institutodavisao.org.br
    City. State / Province: São Paulo, São Paulo
    Country: Brazil

    Contact Person Information

    Name: Ana Marins
    Email: analidia.marins@institutodavisao.org.br
    Phone: 11952868619

    Training Opportunity Information

    Training Opportunity: Ophtalmology
    Subspecialty: Retina/Vitreous
    Focus: Both Clinical and Research
    Description: 2012 I have been the head of the Uveitis section of the Federal University of São Paulo and also of the Vision Institute. Before this, I did a 3-year fellowship in uveitis and ocular surgery with Cristina Muccioli, MD., PHD and Rubens Belfort Jr, MD.,PhD both IUSG´s members.
    Preceptor: Heloisa Moraes Nascimento
    Duration: More than 12 months
    Start Month:
    Application Deadline: No Deadline
    Patient Care: Observational Patient Care
    Financial Support Offered:
    Accepts Applicants:
    Language(s) Required: English, Portuguese
    Sponsor / Organization:
    Website for More Information:
    Additional Requirements: