• Jun 19, 2017

    Finland | Glaucoma | Helsinki University Central Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology

    Institution/Practice Information

    Name: Helsinki University Central Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology
    Type: -1
    Website: www.hus.fi/en
    City. State / Province: Helsinki,
    Country: Finland

    Contact Person Information

    Name: Prof. Tero T. Kivelä
    Email: tero.kivela@helsinki.fi

    Training Opportunity Information

    Training Opportunity: Research Fellowship (Long term)
    Subspecialty: Glaucoma
    Focus: Research
    Description: Training in research skills offered by advanced institutions internationally (and facilitated by AOI) to help Institutions in developing countries to develop and enhance their research capacity.
    Duration: More than 12 months
    Start Month:
    Application Deadline: No Deadline
    Patient Care: Observational Patient Care
    Financial Support Offered:
    Accepts Applicants:
    Language(s) Required: English
    Sponsor / Organization: Academia Ophthalmologica Internationalis (AOI) - Facilitator
    Website for More Information: www.hus.fi/en
    Additional Requirements: - Duration: 1 – 2 years; can be extended to 3 – 4 years based on initial achievement record to achieve a PhD or DrMedSci (in case of MD, equivalent to PhD) - Funding arranged on case-by-case basis with hosting lab’s PI. For first 1 – 2 years typically covered by investigator’s home institution and R&D expenses covered by PI lab. - Number of positions: Depends on each specialty service. - Research training is offered in Cornea, Glaucoma, Oncology-Pathology, Retina - Open to trainees Worldwide - AOI representative at Helsinki University Central Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology: Prof. Tero T. Kivelä