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  • 2019 ONE Network YO Surgical Video Competition: And the Winners Are …

    Orbital osteoma removal

    The first-place winner of the 2019 ONE® Network YO Surgical Video Competition is Andrea A. Tooley, MD, for her video, “A Unique Approach to Orbital Osteoma Removal.”

    Dr. Tooley demonstrated a unique approach to removing a large orbital osteoma without damaging the surrounding structures, including the optic nerve and extraocular muscles. The osteoma was removed in pieces through a lateral orbitotomy, a medial endonasal approach and a third approach which removed the rest.

    She wins an iPad Pro and the opportunity to present her video at the YO Program at AAO 2019 in San Francisco on Sunday, Oct. 13.

    In second place with their surgical video, “Backward Suture Technique for IOL Refixation,” were Shriji Patel, MD, and Rishabh C. Date, MD. Drs. Patel and Date will receive a $500 Academy voucher.

    In this video, they demonstrate the backward suture technique, a novel maneuver to simplify refixation of an IOL. Reversing the grasp on the needle allowed surgeons to safely pass a suture in the eye. In this case, the suture is threaded through the islet of a subluxed CZ70BD IOL, allowing successful refixation of the intraocular lens (IOL) while avoiding excessive manipulation and unnecessary lens explantation.

    The third-place surgical video award winner was Sidney A. Schechet, MD, with “Bilateral Intraocular Lymphoma.” Dr. Schechet will receive a $250 voucher.

    The video presented a case of bilateral intraocular vitreo-retinal lymphoma with multimodal imaging and a description of the clinical and surgical management of the disease. Dr. Schechet is no stranger to the surgical video competition. In 2018 he won first place with his video, “Open Globe, Open Brain and a Retinal Detachment from a Wine Glass.

    Finally, the resident surgical video award went to Cassie Ann Ludwig, MD, MS, and her video mentor, Prithvi Mruthyunjaya, MD, for Metastasis or Melanoma?

    The video details the case of a 75-year-old female with a history of ductal carcinoma of the breast who has experienced flashes of light and blurry vision for two years. She was diagnosed with multiple flat nevi surrounding the posterior pole of her left eye and a 6.5 by 5.14 by 3.59-millimeter pigmented ciliary body lesion with low to mid-reflectivity on ultrasound biomicroscopy.

    Surgeons performed an iridocyclectomy, and the tumor involving ciliary body, sclera, limbus and peripheral iris were excised and sent for a pathology assessment. The pathology revealed rare nevoid cells uniformly positive for melanA and rare Ki67 positive nuclei, indicating a ciliary body nevus.

    For her award, Dr. Ludwig will receive an iPad.

    The Academy’s YO Committee and ONE Network thank all YOs who submitted videos and congratulate the winners. Be sure to join us at the YO Program at AAO 2019 to recognize them.