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    Congratulations, new graduates! You have graduated into a world that bears little resemblance to the world that was present at the start of your training. 

    Transitions can be difficult, but particularly with unprecedented change and for, perhaps the first time, no match process to direct you to your next step. Although the coronavirus pandemic may have upended some of your training over the last several months, the benefit of its timing is that it gave you a few months with your mentors to adjust and learn new processes that will help you as you start your career as an attending physician. 

    There is no doubt that you will continue to lean on your mentors and peers through this time, and as a result, we wanted to provide what we could to support you as well. 

    This is the first year that YO Info is offering a guide for graduates as you launch into your career. We want you to know that we’re here to continue to supply you with pearls on topics such as how to continue adding medical and surgical skills, managing money, coding and billing and making the most of and growing your precious network. 

    In this first-ever YO Info Graduate Edition, you’re going to learn about how other peer physicians are tackling coronavirus in other parts of the world and how some subspecialties are supporting themselves in this difficult time. See the list of articles.

    Academy Resources

    Beyond this, we want to remind you to incorporate the other resources you have available to you from the Academy. This includes the Academy’s Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE®) Network for education and free access to American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives® (AAOE®) articles for first-year attendings that can teach you coding and billing. Learn about Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Co. (OMIC), the largest insurer for ophthalmologists in the U.S. that serves the medical liability needs of AAO members. You also have access to journals, job boards and a multitude of other resources that make the Academy one of, if not the strongest medical specialty societies that exists. 

    Among the most important factors in adapting to our new reality is making the most of each patient encounter and surgery. Group learning has taken center stage, as rounding on upcoming surgical cases and reviewing recordings and intraoperative decision-making has enabled trainees to maximize reduced surgical schedules. 

    In this way, coronavirus has reminded us that we rise and fall together

    Here at YO Info, we will do our best to support you, and in turn, we hope you will continue to support your peers and profession, throughout your career. We look forward to your incredible career and contributions to come.

    James G. Chelnis, MD
    2020 YO Info Editorial Board Chair

    The YO Info Graduate Edition is available as a series of web pages. Tip: To save online articles for future reference, log in with your member account and click "Add to My To-Do List." 

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