• 2020 YO Info Resident Edition

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    Most new professionals benefit from easing into their new jobs and slowly ramping up their effort and involvement — but not this incoming class of ophthalmologists!

    So, what have you taken away and learned from this dramatic global health crisis? Many of us have gravitated toward plainclothes heroes that exude the compassion, resolve and determination we need in order to cobble together a response as COVID-19 spreads across our neighborhoods, our cities and our planet.

    2020 YO Info Resident Edition

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    I can tell you what ophthalmologists learned — that we are backed by an Academy with seasoned leaders who can rise to tremendous challenges. The year 2020 started as a milestone year for the Academy that quickly demanded a pivot from our leadership. Major events across the country were canceled — including the Mid-Year Forum 2020 — and the Academy became one of the first medical societies to issue updated practice guidelines to allow ophthalmologists to keep their patients safe and keep themselves protected against unnecessary exposure.

    As a community, ophthalmologists rallied to provide care to those who needed it in a critical time. Now, we hope to continue to provide support during a critical time in your own lives. For “Young Ophthalmologists” — or YOs, the annual YO Info Resident Edition is meant to be a primer for your career. We’re here to help throughout all of this unfamiliarity, so please don’t hesitate to lean on us.

    James G. Chelnis, MD
    2020 YO Info Editorial Board Chair

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