• 3 Standout Resident Resources on the ONE Network

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    The Academy’s ONE® (Ophthalmic News and Education) Network is the world’s leading online platform for ophthalmic education.

    Over 320,000 visitors from around the globe visit every month to access the latest information on patient care — from a wide range of surgical videos and interviews to a number of licensed ophthalmic journals. It’s a particularly incredible resource for residents in training as well as young ophthalmologists new to practice. Here are three ONE Network standouts you don’t want to miss — all free with your membership.

    1. Interactive simulators. After learning from your textbooks and lectures, it’s wonderful to apply this knowledge in various simulators to test your abilities before actually seeing patients. People learn information in various ways, and these simulators use a variety of multimedia and assessment techniques to teach clinical information.

    On the ONE Network, you will find simulators for cataract surgery decision-making, the evaluation of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and strabismus, proper techniques for retinoscopy and more. For example, with the Cataract Master, residents can respond to real-world situations during cataract surgery by choosing the steps to perform and deciding how to manage complications. And with the ROP simulator, residents can evaluate and manage 20 virtual patients through a case-based ROP training program.

    2. Over 4,000 (and growing) questions. Self-assessment questions and programs are also available from the Academy. The ONE Network offers more than 1,000 self-assessment questions by subspecialty and more than 500 “Diagnose This” case-based questions — with a new question published weekly.

    In addition, the BCSC Self-Assessment Program (subscription required) offers more than 2,800 high-yield questions for OKAP preparation — an exciting opportunity to test your knowledge and remediate on the spot. With this resource, residents can take a simulated timed exam, or go at their own pace, receiving immediate feedback and detailed performance reports to identify exactly which chapters to review. You can also compare your performance with peers, track changes over time and take notes as well.

    3. The AAO Ophthalmic Education App. We are excited about the release of the AAO Ophthalmic Education App, which brings together many of the benefits of the ONE Network delivered directly to your smartphone. The app offers personalized notifications based on subspecialty and content preferences as well as 1-Minute Videos, “Diagnose This” questions, access to EyeWiki and, coming soon, a mobile version of the Wills Eye Manual.

    With over 19,000 pages of clinical content, the ONE Network is the source for ophthalmic knowledge and learning — during residency and throughout your entire ophthalmic career. Keep your skills sharp and bookmark aao.org/residents.

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    Rahul Khurana, MD, is a retina specialist in Mountain View, Calif., and is also the editor in chief of the ONE® Network.