• 3 Ways to Advocate for Your Patients

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    3 Ways to Advocate for Your Patients

    The Nov. 13 OPHTHPAC and Surgical Scope Fund networking event at AAO 2017 offered young ophthalmologists a chance to meet with Academy leaders and learn about advocacy. The expert panel showed attendees how they can become politically engaged and the different ways they can get involved locally.

    In addition, several YOs who attended this April’s Mid-Year Forum spoke about their own experiences with advocacy.

    Pavan Angad, MD, said he didn’t realize the importance of advocacy until he saw the political process in person. Keri Allen, MD, expressed her gratitude to the Ohio Ophthalmology Society for sponsoring her as an Advocacy Ambassador and giving her the tools to communicate her patient’s needs with members of the U.S. Congress.

    Jane Cook, MD, said her advocacy efforts have helped her patients maintain access to compounded drugs.

    How can you get started? Here are three simple ways:

    1. Join your state society!
    2. Stay on top of all the latest advocacy issues relating to ophthalmology by texting 51555 with the word “OPHTH.”
    3. Get involved with OPHTHPAC, the Surgical Scope Fund and your state eye PAC.

    Advocacy depends on all of us getting involved to protect our patients and profession. For more information, check out the Academy's website for more details.