• 5 Resources to Get Ready for the 2016 OKAPs

    With just under two months to go, it’s time to start planning for the Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP) exam scheduled for March 12 and the boards March 29. Here are some important dates and resources to help get you across the finish line.

    Important Dates

    • Jan. 31: Deadline to submit requests for special accommodations — such as a disability or a religious observance. Note that special accommodation fees may apply.
    • Feb. 11: Last day to cancel your OKAP exam appointment without fees. Afterwards, and until March 7, a cancellation fee of $25 applies. Note that no refunds will be accommodated for cancellations made after March 7.
    • Feb. 15: Deadline to register for the board oral examination in June.
    • March 7: Last day to schedule or modify your OKAP exam appointment. You can schedule your exam appointment for the 2016 exam through this date either via the Prometric website or phone at 800.481.6473. Registration is a breeze, and the Academy offers a number of tips to help guide you along.
    • March 12: OKAP test day! Arrive on time — residents who fail to appear for a scheduled appointment or arrive more than 15 minutes late may not be able to take the test.
    • March 29: Written qualifying exam, administered by the American Board of Ophthalmology.

    5 Essential OKAP and Boards Resources

    Use these Academy resources to make the most of remaining study time:

    The Night Before the Exam

    Once you’ve put in your best effort on studying, trust your preparation and knowledge. Spend the day before the exam on light review of last minute high-yield factoids, but don’t overly stress or tire yourself. Remember that a good night’s rest allows you to be optimally focused on the big day.

    For additional OKAP questions, call the Academy directly at 415.561.8540 or email OKAP@aao.org.

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    About the author: Mike Mott is a former assistant editor for EyeNet Magazine and contributing writer for YO Info. Additional reporting by Jiaixi Ding, MD, YO Info editorial board member.