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  • Academy’s Coding Experts Can Answer Your Questions

    Doctor, tech at computer

    With over 65 years of cumulative experience in ophthalmology, you'd think the Academy’s coding and billing team can answer your questions off the top of their heads — and frequently they can. But they have to check references too.

    When you’re at a loss or need to double-check your instincts, you can always find the answers in same Academy resources our experts do. Here are some of them:

    • Coding News and Expert Advice

      Search through previous coding questions submitted to Ask the Coding Experts. Chances are your question or a similar one has been asked before. Questions make the monthly top 10 list not just because they momentarily stumped our experts, but because they are frequently asked, and the published answers serve as useful references for future fellow coding-questers.

    • Coding Topics

      If you can’t find the answer or need more information, the next step is directly to a practice management coding resource. From advance beneficiary notices (ABNs) to a VF-8R Visual Functioning Questionnaire and everything in between, if your question can’t be answered from one of these sources, take a closer look or check back soon.

    • Coding Products Available for Purchase at the Academy Store

      The top five go-to Academy products for coding conundrums are:

    1. 2023 Fundamentals of Ophthalmic Coding
      Evaluation and management (E/M) vs. Eye visit codes, testing services, minor or major surgeries, modifiers
    2. Coding Coach: The Complete Ophthalmic Coding Reference
      For any bundling edit questions — compare up to five CPT codes at once. The online version is also updated quarterly with the current National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits.
    3. 2023 Coding Assistant for Subspecialties
      Answers to specific questions about cataract and anterior segment, cornea, glaucoma, oculofacial, pediatrics and strabismus
    4. 2023 Retina Coding: Complete Reference Guide
      Your retina coding coach and retina fundamentals are all in one resource.
    5. 2023 ICD-10-CM for Ophthalmology: The Complete Reference
      Any and every ophthalmology ICD-10 question is covered.

    Still Stumped?

    Send us a query at To speed up our response, make sure to include this information:

    • Who is the payer? The No. 1 rule of coding is to identify the payer since different payers have different requirements.
    • What is documented in your op report? Consider sending a redacted copy for review.
    • Have you checked org/lcds to see if your Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) has an LCD or LCA?
    • Did you confirm any CCI bundles?
    Matthew Baugh, COT, MHA, OCS, OCSR About the author: Matthew Baugh, COT, MHA, OCS, OCSR, is a coding and reimbursement manager at the Academy.