• Howard University Residents Win YO Video Competition

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    Two Howard University residents have been chosen as the winners of the YO Innovate Video Competition at AAO 2015. Mehul C. Patel, MD, PGY3, won first prize for his video’s creative use of the acronym “Vegas” to describe the innovations he learned at AAO 2015. For his efforts to encourage other YOs to attend AAO 2016 in Chicago, he won an AAO 2015 Academy Plus course pass and two 2016 Orbital Gala tickets from the Academy’s Foundation.


    Second-place winner Usiwoma E. Abugo, MD, PGY4, shared her top three takeaways from the annual meeting in her video and highlighted how attendance at AAO 2016 will be her top priority for next year. Dr. Abugo’s second place prize was a choice between a full year’s subscription to the 2016 Focal Points, print plus digital editions or the 2016 Ophthalmic Coding: Learn to Code the Essentials.


    Both winners are past participants in the Academy’s Advocacy Ambassador Program.