• A Procrastinator's Guide to the OKAP Exam

    You’ve signed up to take the Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP®) exam, and hopefully you’ve been studying all year. Now that the exam’s only about a month away, are you ready for the big day?

    1. Remember Key Dates

    Put the exam date in your calendar. Set three alarms for the morning of the test.

    March 23: OKAP exam
    Mid-April: OKAP score reports released

    1. Know the BCSC Series

    YO Info editorial board member Andrea Tooley, MD, urges residents to check out these OKAP resources, including the Basic and Clinical Science Course™ and the BCSC Self-Assessment Program, that will help you prepare. The BCSC series and related self-assessment program is especially useful since the BCSC serves as the basis of the 260 questions that appear on the exam.

    1. Explore the ONE® Network

    Find online self-assessment tests in 10 subspecialties and bookmark specific questions. You can also browse guidelines, learning plans and images of ophthalmic conditions, all on the Academy website.

    1. Review Tips for OKAP Success

    What’s the best advice for taking the OKAP exam? Reviewing material isn’t the only way to get a good result. Talking over topics with a study partner and reviewing key images should also be among your test-prep strategies. Find other test-taking tips from the YO Info editorial board.

    1. Check Out the OKAP User Guide

    The OKAP user guide has important information about how the exam is scored, what your results mean and how to get the best use out of them.

    1. Understand Why OKAP Matters

    If you’re taking the OKAP exam, you may wonder why your performance on this test is so important. Ophthalmologists say it can show what areas you need to review, and because many of the questions are comparable, it’s an excellent dry run if you’re planning on taking the American Board of Ophthalmology written exam.

    Now that you have all the resources, it’s time to maximize the time you have left.

    For more information about OKAP, call 415-561-8540 or email OKAP@aao.org.