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  • A Subspecialty Is Born: Global Ophthalmology

    In the late 2000s, there was a groundswell of interest in global ophthalmology among medical students and residents. However, few training programs offered international rotations, and opportunities to learn about international eye health were limited. On top of this, clear pathways to a career in global ophthalmology were virtually nonexistent.

    The Moran Eye Center's rich history of international engagement made it the perfect incubator for the first global ophthalmology fellowship. In 2008, ophthalmologist Geoffrey Tabin, MD, matched the first fellow who blazed a new trail spending time at partner sites worldwide. With new fellowships born each year, it's never been easier to learn how to have a rich career full of global impact. 

    Where Do Moran Fellows Work?

    They work in Tanzania, Micronesia, Haiti, Nepal and India, to name a few. Our fellowship's structure encourages participants to pursue uncharted paths and establish new collaborations for their own career of unique impact.

    What Do You Learn?

    Fellows learn from the world's most successful eye care systems delivering high-quality care in low-resource settings, including Aravind Eye Care System in India and Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Nepal. 

    Throughout the year, they deepen their expertise in global eye care ecosystems, social determinants of health, sutureless extracapsular cataract surgery (MSICS), trachoma surgery, capacity building and surgical and clinical skills exchange.

    Who Should Participate in the Moran Fellowship?

    The fellowship helps future leaders in global eye health develop their skills. Although you will be prepared to provide clinical care in low-resource settings, our core goal is creating the next generation of leaders to drive innovations and eradicate global blindness. 

    Fellows interface with the world's leaders, speak at key conferences and are encouraged to forge their unique pathway toward global impact. Our current global gellow, Nathan Gebhard, is the quintessential example of a future change-maker. Nate took a one-year leave from his Oregon Health and Science University clinical faculty position to participate in the Moran Global Fellowship and is making his pathway toward impact at new international sites, like Mongolia.

    How do I apply?

    The Moran Global Fellowship is listed in the SFMATCH under the "other" category. You can also reach out to us to discuss your vision as a future leader in global ophthalmology.

    About the author: Jeff H. Pettey, MD, MBA, is vice-chair of education, the residency program director, and co-medical director of global outreach at the John Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. He completed his residency and fellowship in complex anterior segment surgery and international ophthalmology at the Moran Eye Center. He can be reached at

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