• Tai Chi With Chai Tea

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    As a non-tai chi practitioner, I was a bit nervous to attend the Tai Chi With Chai Tea YO Lounge Power Hour.

    But, learning more techniques to alleviate stress and possibly help my post operating room back pain can’t hurt. So, I decided to embrace my lack of flexibility and learn some tai chi.

    Our instructor, Florida Brown, is a force! At 77 years old, she regularly attends 6 a.m. workout sessions and showed us all how strong and agile we could be. I felt incredibly inspired to take care of my body so that I can hopefully move as well as she does at 77.

    As we moved through the warmup, we learned that tai chi can be practiced inside, outside and in basically any attire. We started the practice with some big stretches, and Ms. Brown continuously reminded us, “Don’t forget to breath and smile!”

    A normal session of tai chi may take you through over 100 different poses and postures in only 15 to 20 minutes! We left the session with a handout of different poses to try.

    Our favorite moment was when we all bent one knee, shifted our weight, and turned to look over our shoulder — a great lower back stretch. Ms. Brown announced, “This pose is good for your eyes!” — a winning pose for our group!

    After just 15 minutes of tai chi, I felt powerful, strong and centered. I am grateful to now have this practice to use before or after a day in the operating room and even as a focusing tool before giving a talk.

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