• Top Ophthalmology Resident Apps

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    Virtually everyone has a smartphone and/or a tablet with them while they work. You can leverage all that computing power in your palm with a few powerful apps! Here are a few of the top ophthalmology apps to make your life a little easier:

    EyeHandbook1. EyeHandbook

    This application is almost a virtual call bag. You can use it for acuity testing, fixation targets for children, color vision testing or as an Optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) drum, all under just the testing heading! This app also offers instant access to an atlas of ophthalmic photographs, a quick reference manual, calculators for glaucoma risk and, conversion to and from logMAR, just to name a few of its best features. Did I mention it’s free?

    Eyetube2. Eyetube

    This app gives you a growing library of ophthalmology videos at your fingertips. Watch experts perform complicated cataract extractions and learn the ins and outs of procedures in every subspecialty.

    Inkling3. Inkling

    If you have any texts that utilize expertconsult.com, you can use the free Inkling app to make your textbook into a free e-book accessible from any device! Save your notes and maintain quick access to all of your references with this app.

    Medscape4. Medscape

    Get instant access to very detailed information on all drugs, and innumerable articles on disease states. It features a library of articles on procedures, a pill identifier and many more features that cover all of medicine. You can select a specific medical specialty to only be shown new articles and news in your field. A must have.

    Epocrates5. Epocrates

    Very similar profile to Medscape. If you are not familiar with one or the other, download them both to see which you like best. Epocrates has been around longer, but clearly they are neck-in-neck regarding features today.

    Up-To-Date6. Up-To-Date

    Not everyone will have open access to this site or app, depending on the agreement your institution has in place. However, if you do, you will have access to the latest, summarized information in medical literature. Though it does not offer information on drugs, its medical summaries are very detailed. And, you can use it to collect free CME credits just by accessing articles when you complete your training!

    iSnellen7. iSnellen

    This free app offers an adjustable Snellen acuity chart depending on how far it is held away from the patient. For 99 cents, you can remove the banner ad or unlock other features.

    Omnio8. Omnio/Skyscape

    If you would rather have an e-book version of Wills Eye Manual or other books that do not offer online versions through expertconsult.com, you can buy them on either Omnio or Skyscape. This is for trainees who are serious about keeping everything within reach at all times.

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    James G. Chelnis, MDAbout the author: James G. Chelnis, MD, is currently the oculoplastics fellow at Vanderbilt University and in his first year of the Tennessee American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program. He has been a member of the YO Info editorial board for over three years and is also engaged in EyeWiki.org as an editor for the oculoplastics section. Dr. Chelnis is a contributor to the ASOPRS Oncology Database and has a strong interest in clinical and translational research.