• When Vit Hits the Fan: How to Share Mistakes and Improve Outcomes

    Surgical complications are an inevitable part of any ophthalmologist's career — both young and old. But how should you handle these mistakes? 

    At this year’s YO Program, young ophthalmologist Whitney A. Smith, MD, joined Thomas A. Oetting, MD, MS, to share what they learned from their own experiences with surgical mistakes.

    In the video below, Dr. Smith presents her case of an anterior capsular tear that resulted from the forceful injection of a preloaded IOL during an otherwise uneventful cataract surgery. Her lesson? Never be complacent until the case is over. Dr. Oetting follows with a complication of his own — and one tip: If you want to improve, be coachable and get coaching.

    Dr. Smith's case was the winning video in When Vit Hits the Fan: The YO Surgical Complication Competition.