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  • What Is Low Vision?

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    Low vision refers to vision loss that cannot be corrected by medical or surgical treatments or conventional eyeglasses. A person with low vision must learn to adjust to it.

    The good news: There are many ways to help so that people with low vision can continue to do things that are important to them. Losing vision does not mean giving up activities, but it may mean learning new ways to do them.

    Vision rehabilitation helps patients to learn new strategies and find devices that can assist them.

    The Experience of Vision Loss

    It's important to acknowledge the anger and frustration you may feel if you learn that your vision loss is irreversible. Getting help to work through these feelings and learn about the strategies of vision rehabilitation will help you stay active and avoid depression.

    You can live well with low vision but you cannot live well with depression. Counseling and a good support group can help you recognize that your value does not depend on your vision. You are worth the effort it takes to learn how to make the most of the vision you have. 

    Don't Let Low Vision Stop You

    Don't isolate yourself. Keep your social group, job or outside activities. You might need large print, a magnifier, someone to drive you to events or additional help to participate in sports. Ask for the help you need. Staying home to avoid asking for help is not independence. Friends are honored to be asked.