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  • Low Vision Diagnosis and Treatment

    Low vision is not a normal symptom of aging. If you have noticed changes in your vision, see your eye doctor right away. Regular medical eye exams by an ophthalmologist are important to diagnose eye diseases early. It is important to treat any conditions that are treatable.

    Your eye doctor will do a complete eye exam to diagnose what is affecting your vision. For children, there will also be questions about the child’s birth, medical history and any past vision problems.

    The exam usually begins with questions about your medical history and any vision problems you might be experiencing. You will have tests designed to check your vision and check for eye diseases. Your doctor may use a variety of instruments and aim bright lights at your eyes. Your eyes also will be tested for visual acuity, or how well you see letters at a distance.

    If you are having trouble doing things other than just reading small print, your eye doctor may refer you for vision rehabilitation. You can ask your ophthalmologist to find vision rehabilitation programs and specialists for you in your area.

    If a family member or friend has vision loss, he or she needs to learn to do as much as possible independently and safely. Recognize the challenges of vision loss, but don’t take over their tasks. Instead, help identify the adjustments they need to make to maximize their independence in a safe manner.