• The Academy/AAOE AcadeMetrics Benchmarking Update

    Results are now available for comparison of your 2018 data entry against 2018 data benchmarks. You can continue to see previous year’s results for those practices that completed the required 50% of data submission for the respective year. Comparing year to year benchmarks empowers practices by reviewing their performance against like practices, as well as benchmarking against your own annual data marks.

    AcadeMetrics™ Benchmarking data entry is temporarily closed as we prepare for the FY2019 data collection period. We will open AcadeMetrics™ for 2019 data entry on April 15. Get prepared to participate in the Academetrics benchmarking tool.

    AcadeMetrics is the only 100% free practice management benchmarking tool in ophthalmology, open to all Academy and AAOE members. View recent data log

    Why Benchmark?

    The Academy/AAOE AcadeMetrics benchmarking and salary tools are web-based applications to help you measure financial performance and practice efficiency.

    Financial reports allow you to compare your practice’s performance from year to year, but how do you know if a good or bad year for you is good or bad for a practice like yours? Academy and AAOE members can now access two key benchmarking tools and garner valuable analytics that have helped ophthalmology practices increase revenue, justify new staff hires and much more.

    Members can take both surveys at no charge. The Academy and AAOE will report general findings, but only members who complete the survey will be able to access the more-valuable, detailed comparison reports that can help you pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses in your practice. Practices enter data from the prior fiscal year, either in one or multiple settings. All information remains confidential.

    Not a member? Learn about Academy membership benefits for ophthalmologists and AAOE membership benefits for MDs and practice administrators.

    Questions? Email academetrics@aao.org to contact an Academy representative.