• Why Choose Ophthalmology?

    The practice of ophthalmology can be one of the most satisfying medical professions. This is due in large part to the broad scope of ophthalmic practice, which includes medicine and surgery, treatment of pediatric and adult patients and provision of primary care as well as highly specialized treatment. Also, because of the nature and wide prevalence of eye problems, the patient's relationship with an ophthalmologist continues over many years, often throughout the patient's life.



    About Ophthalmic Practice

    Most ophthalmologists practice a mixture of medicine and surgery, in various settings, and often in a chosen subspecialty.


    What every medical student needs to know

    This white paper from AUPO's Medical Student Educator Council, and endorsed by both the Academy and AUPO, outlines the topics every medical student should know.


    Basic Ophthalmology

    To help medical students continue their ophthalmic studies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academy is providing this three-chapter excerpt from Basic Ophthalmology, a key text for primary care residents and physicians.To purchase the full print or eBook, visit the Academy Store.


    Guide to the Bedside Ophthalmic Exam

    This presentation reviews basic ophthalmic physical exam maneuvers and findings for all graduating medical students and primary care practitioners. Real examples of both normal and abnormal exam findings are demonstrated for both the pediatric and adult exam.

    Adult exam Pediatric exam

    Interactive Medical Student Cases

    The perfect primer for medical students who want to broaden their knowledge of eye disease diagnosis and treatment.

    Red Eye #1 Red Eye #2 Ocular Trauma

    Systemic Disease #1 Systemic Disease #2

    Chronic Vision Loss Leukocoria

    Ophthalmology Webinars

    2020 Advice for the Ophthalmology Residency Match Season June 23 Webinar


    Ophthalmology Learning During COVID for Medical Students, Residents, and Educators June 3 Webinar


    A 3-part webinar series in which ophthalmologists discuss opportunities available within the field and how to prepare for match.


    Interactive Figures

    Interactive figures for medical students illustrate key concepts of eye anatomy and related functions and structures.


    Residency Match Basics

    Future ophthalmologists match earlier in the calendar year than other specialists.


    Residency Structure

    Each residency program is organized differently but follows the same guidelines.