• OKAP® Exam

  • 2022 Exam Dates: March 17-20

    The Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP) is a 260-item multiple choice examination administered to ophthalmology residents in each year of training throughout the United States and Canada.  It is designed to measure the ophthalmic knowledge of residents, relative to their peers, in order to facilitate the ongoing assessment of resident progress and program effectiveness.  Test scores are the property of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and may be used to improve ophthalmic education.

    Programs outside of the United States and Canada interested in taking the exam, learn about OKAP International.

    Registration and Scheduling Instructions

    The notification below was sent to Programs regarding the 2022 OKAP Exam Registration and Administration:

    To ensure a successful 2022 OKAP experience, the Academy and AUPO created the OKAP task force (namely, program directors, program chairs, an ABO representative, and Academy staff leadership) to ensure the OKAP exam administration will provide a consistent and robust testing experience for all involved (programs and residents), while being flexible and reasonably straightforward. Having learned lessons from the 2021 OKAP exam, the task force decided it was best to have the 2022 OKAP exam delivered to residents online at their institutions with an in-person proctor provided by the institution.

    The Academy’s OKAP team has commenced efforts to update exam administration and registration processes. Most of these changes are no different than what programs did during the 2020 exam administration (where residents tested at the institution or at home, which went exceedingly well).

    Below are the details of the changes coming to the 2022 OKAP exam administration and registration:

    • Format: the exam will be administered online, through the internet, at institutions via an in-person residency proctor guided by national standards.
    • Dates: the exam will be offered over four consecutive days, March 17-20, 2022, to allow programs the flexibility of scheduling proctors and residents as desired. Programs may conduct exams on more than one day if desired. Particularly for programs interested in their Program Coordinators acting as proctors, Thursday and Friday dates and times may be more preferrable than the traditional Saturday.
    • Times: the exam will be offered at 5 times each day at the top of each hour from 8:00am-12:00pm Eastern Time to allow programs the flexibility of scheduling proctors and residents as desired. Exam times will be in Eastern Time, so please convert your time zone as needed to prepare. Residents must start the exam during the hour they are scheduled. Programs may schedule and conduct exams at more than one time if desired.
    • Capacity: the exam will be offered to a maximum of 200 residents per exam start hour each day to stagger access to the exam, minimize any login issues or potential overload of the exam platform, and to ensure adequate Academy technical and other support. Based on past load and technical testing, we do not expect to encounter technical issues, but to ensure system stability, we will implement a capacity limit to assure a robust test experience for all involved.
    • Registration: programs will select testing dates and times for each resident on a first-come first-served basis. The registration portal will show how many time slots remain for each exam start hour. There should be ample time slots available for your residents to test, so if your first choice isn’t available, please remain flexible and choose the next best option.
    • Proctors: programs will provide their own proctor(s) to administer the exam (more than one proctor is allowed). A proctor can be any individual associated with your institution. To allow a resident to test, proctors will need to log in and accept an attestation prior to a resident being allowed to test. Currently, all program directors and coordinators have been assigned the proctor role in our database, but if another individual needs to be added or removed, you can email us to update. Your program’s proctor(s) will display in the registration portal and the Academy will provide notifications listing your selected proctor(s) for you to verify. Instructions with national standards will be shared with each proctor prior to exam administration.
    • Testing Location: programs will provide their own testing location to administer the exam. The exam testing location must be a quiet space with no distractions and no one other than the residents and proctor(s) are allowed to be present during the exam. The location should have a strong, stable internet connection and ensure there is enough space or barriers to prevent residents from seeing another resident’s screen.

    Registration will open in mid-November, so please take some time to begin planning where and when each resident will test and who your exam proctor(s) will be before registration opens.

    The task force’s hope is that programs will take advantage of this new era of OKAP exam administration flexibility and spread residents testing out on different dates and times to allow minimum disruption to program schedules. The task force is also pleased to be giving programs the flexibility to choose a testing location and scheduling their own proctors to administer the exam, which has been proposed by many programs over the years.

    Further details regarding the exam administration will be provided as we get closer, but if you have any questions, contact okap@aao.org.

    Exam Requirements and Exam Day Information

    We will share further details as soon as possible.

    User's Guide and Additional Information

    For comprehensive information about the OKAP exam and a list of the national averages, refer to the OKAP User's Guide.

    If you have any questions, please call the Academy directly at 415-561-8540, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT or send your inquiry to OKAP@aao.org.

    OKAP 2022 Exam Timeline for Program Directors and Coordinators

    July-August: Programs Update Resident Information

    Review “Resident Verification and Registration Login” Academy email

      • Ensure all Resident information is correct
      • Make sure all Residents (especially incoming 1st year Residents) sign up for membership: www.aao.org/member-services “Join”
      • Verify your login credentials

    Mid-November-December 31: Registration Opens

    Review “OKAP Registration is Now Open” Academy email

    Programs Register Residents

      • Register your residents by using their Academy Member IDs
      • Select each residents Exam Date and Time and select any Accommodations needed (download and complete the Accommodation Request Form)
      • Print the Invoice and pay for the exam
      • Reschedule/Cancellations/Refunds: all are allowed up until 30-days prior to the exam date

    March 17-20, 2022: Exam Dates

    Review “OKAP Exam 6 weeks away – Registration and Payment Status” Academy email

      • Last chance to confirm Resident Residency Years for scoring
      • Make sure to confirm testing date and time with each Resident
      • Ensure residents have reviewed the OKAP Exam Day Guide prior to testing to confirm their system is set up properly and that they are prepared for exam day
      • Problems on Exam Day, contact: Customer Service at 415-561-8540.

    Late April: Score Reports Available

    Review “OKAP Scores Available for Download” Academy email

      • Download and Save all Reports
      • Score report disputes can be addressed until 7 days after scores are available
      • Next years’ exam date sent in June