• Abstract Information

    The online abstract submitter is now closed.

    Paper/poster abstract status (accepted or rejected) will be sent by email to Submitting Authors by the end of June. Final schedules, with date and time for live presentations, will be emailed to the Presenting Author by mid-July.

    Scientific research submitted as a paper/poster benefits from these opportunities:

    • Expanded original paper presentations with panel discussions that include the opportunity for questions and answers with the authors.
    • Moderated poster discussions allowing for an interactive presentation of your work.
    • Easy online access to e-posters during the meeting through the Mobile Meeting Guide, and after the meeting through the online Meeting Archive.

    Note: All posters are electronic (e-poster). There are no physical posters. Additionally, some e-posters will be scheduled as a live presentation or a pre-recorded discussion session.

    Find submission information:

    Abstract Writing Webinar

    Stand Out: How to Write a Successful Submission

    This webinar was held March 30, 2021.

    View the Stand Out: How to Write a Successful Submission webinar slide deck. (PDF 1.5MB)

    You will find tips and suggestions, presented by members of the Academy’s annual meeting program committee (AMPC) and Ophthalmology’s Editor-in-Chief, to make sure your abstract stands out from the crowd. Learn how to turn your research or knowledge into engaging abstracts for your paper/poster or manuscript submissions that are sure to be accepted.

    Moderator: Bennie H. Jeng, MD (AMPC Chair)

    Program Participants:

    • Andrew G. Lee, MD (AMPC Member)
    • Sharon D. Solomon, MD (AMPC Member)
    • Steven J. Gedde, MD (AMPC Member)​​​
    • Stephen D. McLeod, MD (Ophthalmology Editor-in-Chief)