• Abstract Information

    The online abstract submitter is now closed.

    Paper/poster abstract status (accepted or rejected) will be sent by email to Submitting Authors in mid-July. Final schedules, with date and time for any live presentations, will be emailed to the Presenting Author by the end of July.

    Scientific research submitted as a paper/poster benefits from these opportunities:

    • Expanded original paper presentations with panel discussions that include the opportunity for questions and answers with the authors.
    • Moderated poster discussions allowing for an interactive presentation of your work.
    • Easy online access to e-posters during the meeting through the Mobile Meeting Guide, and after the meeting through the online Meeting Archive.

    Note: All posters are electronic (e-poster). There are no physical posters. Additionally, some e-posters will be scheduled as a live presentation or a pre-recorded discussion session.

    Find submission information:

    Abstract Writing Webinar

    Stand Out: How to Write a Successful Submission

    This webinar was held Tuesday, March 30.

    View the Stand Out: How to Write a Successful Submission webinar slide deck. (PDF 1.5MB)

    You will find tips and suggestions, presented by members of the Academy’s annual meeting program committee (AMPC) and Ophthalmology’s Editor-in-Chief, to make sure your abstract stands out from the crowd. Learn how to turn your research or knowledge into engaging abstracts for your paper/poster or manuscript submissions that are sure to be accepted.

    Moderator: Bennie H. Jeng, MD (AMPC Chair)

    Program Participants:

    • Andrew G. Lee, MD (AMPC Member)
    • Sharon D. Solomon, MD (AMPC Member)
    • Steven J. Gedde, MD (AMPC Member)​​​
    • Stephen D. McLeod, MD (Ophthalmology Editor-in-Chief)