• Consultant Directory

  • More than ever, Ophthalmic practices are turning to medical practice management consultants to sort out the complexities of practice administration. The American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives' Consultant Directory can assist you to find the expertise you need in key competencies such as business operations, finance, risk management, marketing, litigation and EHR implementation.

    What is the Consultant Directory?

    The Consultant Directory is a searchable database of pre-screened practice management consultants. Search by location, topic, agency name, or consultant name.

    What is a Practice Management Consultant?

    Role of the Consultant: The consultant's role in your organization can be pivotal. Together with your administrator, an attorney and an accountant, a practice management consultant forms the nucleus of the management team every practice needs to compete successfully in today's marketplace. A consultant usually has an educational background in health care, accounting, business, or law. Many also have a MBA (Master of Business Administration), CPA (Certified Public Account), CFP (Certified Financial Planner,) or CHBC (Certified Healthcare Business Consultant) credential. A consultant should be an expert in medical administration, experienced in the field of Ophthalmology, and well-versed in political and economic influences on the practice of medicine.

    What Services Do Practice Management Consultants Offer?

    Consultants may be engaged for a one-time, on-site practice survey to examine the potential or existing problems in a practice. This survey can focus on a specific aspect of the practice-personnel procedures, billing systems, or provide an overview assessment the office, including a patient survey. A consultant may also provide ongoing services, such as employee evaluation and training, accounts receivable analysis, investment and tax advice. Some consultants may be held on retainer to assist in third-party billing issues or managed care compliance administration.

    How Does the Academy Select Consultants?

    In order to be considered for Directory membership, consultants are required to:

    • have a minimum of three years experience working with ophthalmology practices 
    • submit endorsements from two Academy/AAOE members in good standing 
    • provide business expertise in key competencies that the Academy/AAOE deems relevant in today's health care environment.

    Engaging a Consultant

    Before engaging consultant services for your practice, conduct telephone interviews to ascertain qualifications and experience for the type of service you require. Develop a series of questions for each consultant, such as:

    • Are you familiar with my region's Medicare insurance environment? 
    • Will you provide me with references?
    • Does your company have the time and resources to accomplish my project in the allotted time?

    Once you have selected a consultant, develop a contract entailing the type of service, delivery date, how the information is to be reported to you, the cost of the project, etc.

    Consultant Fees

    Consultant fees vary by geographic area and type of service required. Once you have identified the service you wish the consultant to provide, get an estimate in writing for the project.

    Some consultants in this directory have indicated a 10 percent discount in fees to Academy members. The discount is negotiated between the consultant and the physician. The Academy does not monitor or enforce this discount.

    Becoming an AAOE Consultant

    AAOE has developed a special membership package for consultants, combining all the benefits of AAOE membership with a listing in the popular Consultant Directory.


    The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives (AAOE) do not endorse the consultants listed in this directory and do not review, approve or endorse the consultants' advice or opinions. Consultants who list a membership in a professional association are obliged to follow the ethical codes of their association. The AAO and AAOE disclaim all liability.