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  • Locations and Dates of Future Meetings

    • AAO 2024, Oct. 18-21 - Chicago, McCormick Place

    • AAO 2025, Oct. 17-20 - Orlando, Orange County Convention Center

    • AAO 2026, Oct. 9-12 - New Orleans, Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

    • AAO 2027, Nov. 12-15 - Las Vegas, Venetian Expo & Hotel

    Academy Statement on Future Meeting Locations

    The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Board of Trustees is deeply concerned about the impact of recent Supreme Court decisions and legislative actions by individual states that interfere with the physician-patient relationship and limit patients’ access to equitable, quality health care.

    Some concerned members have requested that the Academy move its meetings out of states where political decisions may not align with these values. However, there is little evidence that meeting boycotts ultimately drive meaningful legislative change. Rather, the boycotts most substantially impact the local economy including employees of the convention center, hotels, restaurants and other meeting vendors.

    The Academy’s annual meeting requires an enormous amount of meeting space and hotel rooms to accommodate more than 20,000 attendees. Contracts with convention centers and hotels are signed at least 10 years in advance, and the Academy would face significant hurdles in securing a new meeting venue with sufficient space and housing options with substantially shorter lead time.

    Nevertheless, the Academy will continue to engage in open, productive national dialogue among policy makers, the health care community, and members of the public about issues that impact equitable, quality patient care. We encourage our members and others to express their views directly to policy makers locally so that safe, evidence-based health care is available in all communities.

    Locations and Dates of Past Meetings

    • 2023, Nov. 3-6 - San Francisco

    • 2022, Sept. 30-Oct. 3 - Chicago

    • 2021, Nov. 12-15 - New Orleans

    • 2020, Nov. 13-15 - Virtual Meeting

    • 2019, Oct. 12-15 - San Francisco

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