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  • EHR Integration Process and EHR System Eligibility

    In order for the American Academy of Ophthalmology IRIS® Registry (Intelligent Research in Sight) to deliver optimal value to Academy members, including quality improvement and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting, it must aggregate valid data from electronic health record (EHR) systems that are secure and reliable, and that share comprehensive data in a timely and well-organized manner.

    Together, the Academy and Verana Health continue to offer participation in the IRIS Registry at no charge to Academy members. We are working with each EHR system vendor and each practice to connect the EHR data with the IRIS Registry and configure the data connections and mappings for all quality measures for more than 60 EHR systems. We call this process integration, and it allows us to provide complete data that supports accurate quality feedback and MIPS reporting for your practice.

    Integration is a demanding and exacting process that is costly and time consuming to do correctly. Our efforts have been highly successful with many EHR systems, particularly the ones used by the vast majority of ophthalmic practices. More than a dozen of these EHR systems are currently eligible for integration, and more are scheduled for 2022.

    Some of the less common EHR systems have configurations and mappings that yield insufficient data to accurately calculate measures and provide practices with meaningful performance feedback. These EHR systems do not meet Verana Health’s criteria and will not be integrated.

    Practices that use ineligible EHR systems may continue to participate in the IRIS Registry and report MIPS via FIGmd for the 2022 reporting year. Starting in 2023, practices that use ineligible EHR systems will need to switch to an eligible EHR system to continue participating in the IRIS Registry or find another method to report MIPS.

    If your practice has questions, please contact the Verana Health Practice Experience Management Team at irisdatalink@veranahealth.com.

    The following schedule outlines which EHR systems are eligible or ineligible for integration with the IRIS Registry via Verana Health and, if your system is eligible, when your practice should expect to be integrated. 

    EHR Systems Currently Eligible for Transition

    If your practice uses one of these EHR systems, you are eligible for integration now. If you are not yet working with a Verana Health Practice Experience Manager, send an email to irisdatalink@veranahealth.com.

    • Allscripts
    • Amazing Charts
    • Compulink
    • eClinicalWorks
    • EyeMD
    • GE Centricity
    • Greenway
    • Medflow
    • Modernizing Medicine EMA
    • Nextech IntelleChartPRO (MDIntellesys)
    • Nextech Select
    • NextGen
    • SRS Health

    EHR Systems Eligible for Transition Starting in 2022

    Verana Health will reach out to your practice when it is time to transition. To ensure we contact the right person, send current contact info to irisdatalink@veranahealth.com.
    • Cerner
    • Epic
    • ifa systems
    • iMedicWare
    • Integrity
    • IO Practiceware
    • Management Plus
    • MD Office
    • Medent

    EHR Systems Ineligible for Transition

    EHR systems that do not meet certain criteria are ineligible for integration with the IRIS Registry via Verana Health. These criteria may include:
    • 2015 Edition ONC Health IT Certification
    • HITRUST CSF Certification
    • Acceptable data format, integration solution and security
    • Shares sufficient data in a timely manner
    • Free registry integration and hosting (no one-time or annual fees)
    Ineligible EHR systems include:
    • Athena
    • DoctorSoft
    • Exam Writer
    • EyeDoc
    • KeyMedical Software
    • MacPractice MD
    • MaximEyes
    • My Vision Express
    • Practice Fusion