• EHR Systems

  • The Academy's IRIS® Registry uses the FIGMD platform to integrate with and extract data from electronic health record systems. Once your EHR system has been integrated with the registry, we can seamlessly extract your practice's data with minimal ongoing effort on your part.

    FIGMD has completed integration projects for more than 50 major EHR systems and is capable of working quickly with new systems. This list compares the basic features for more than 100 EHR systems used by ophthalmology practices, including integration with the registry, compliance with federal EHR standards and the cost to integrate, if applicable.

    IRIS Registry EHR Collaborator Program

    The IRIS Registry EHR Collaborator Program is intended to foster closer collaboration with EHR systems that have more than 200 registered practices in the IRIS Registry. Compulink, EyeMD EMR, NextGen, and IntelleChartPRO currently participate in the program.

    EHR List and Key

    • Integrated: EHR system integration status with the IRIS Registry
    • Performance rate: Whether the EHR systems supports calculation of your performance rate on measures (necessary for quality and value-based modifier calculations)
    • Vendor fee: Cost the EHR vendor charges customers to integrate with the registry
    • Type: How the EHR system hosts your practice data
    • Data access: How the EHR system lets you -- and, in turn, the IRIS Registry -- access your data.
    • *Participant in the EHR Vendor Collaborator Program
    • **With use of the vitals feature

    Updated June, 2020.


     Performance Rate

    Vendor FeeTypeData AccessHas 2015 CEHRT Product
    Activ Doctors Online  
    ActiveEHR     Both  
    ADP AdvancedMD Not willing      Cloud    
    Agastha Interface not finalized      Server  
    Allmeds EMR Interface not finalized      Server  
    Allscripts ✔  ✔    Server Via cloud-based server OR files
    Amazing Charts ✔    Both Via practice-based server
    Aprima ?     Both  
    Athena Health Not willing     Cloud Via files
    Azalea Health Not willing     Server    ✔
    Benchmark Clinical EHR Not willing     Server    
    Cal-Med Practice Expert Interface not finalized     Server Via files  
    Care360 ?     Server    
    CareCloud ?      
    CareTracker Interface not finalized     Cloud  
    Cerner Interface not finalized     Both Via practice-based server OR files
    CGM Clinical ✔ + $   ? Server    ✔
    ChartLogic ✔ (only server-based)     Both Via practice-based server
    ChartMaker Medical Suite     Both    ✔
    ClinixMD                     ✔        
    Compulink* ✔ + $ $120/year Both Via practice- or cloud-based server  ✔
    Criterions Incompatible EHR          ✔
    Crystal Practice Management   Both Via practice- or cloud-based server
    CureMD Not willing     Server    ✔
    Cyfluent     Cloud Via files
    DrFirst ?         ✔ 
    DoctorSoft  ✔   Cloud Via files
    drchrono Interface not finalized     Cloud Via files
    DRS Enterprise  ✔     Server Via practice-based server ✔ 
    eClinicalworks (cloud) Interface not finalized     Cloud  
    eClinicalWorks (server)  ✔   Server Via practice-based server ✔ 
    ehrThomas Incompatible EHR        
    eMDs ✔ + $    ? Both  
    EnableDoc  ✔     Both Via practice-based server
    Epic Systems

    ✔ (Practice created files,
     Kaleidescope, or Epic app required)

        Both  Via files
    ExamWRITER (server)  ✔     Server Via practice-based server
    EyeDoc   Server Via practice-based server  
    Eyefinity (cloud) In Progress for 2019     Cloud  
    EyeFormatics  ?     Server    
    EyeMD*   Server Via practice-based server
    First Insight     Both  
    GE Centricity   Server Via practice-based server  
    Gestalt  ?      Server    
    Greenway Intergy   Server Via practice-based server
    Greenway/Primesuite ✔    Server Via practice-based server
    HCIT     Server Via practice-based server  
    HealthFusion MediTouch  ?     Cloud    
    Ibeza Interface not finalized     Server    
    iClinic  ?     Cloud  
    ifa ✔ + $ $2,750 software fee + $250/year Server Via practice-based server
    iMedicWare   Both Via cloud-based server
    IMS     Both  
    Integrity EMR for Eyes   Cloud Via files ✔ 
    IntelleChartPRO    Cloud Via cloud-based server
    IO Practiceware   Server Via practice-based server
    iPatientCare       Via practice-based server
    Kareo  ?     Cloud  
    KeyChart ✔+ $ $40/month  Both Via cloud-based server
    KeyMedical Software     Cloud  
    Longitudinal Medical Record Interface not finalized     Server    
    Lytec     Both Via files
    MacPracticeMD   Server Via practice-based server  
    ManagementPlus   Both Via practice-based server  
    Mastermind EHR     Cloud    
    MaximEyes by First Insight   Both Via practice-based server
    MD Logic  ?     Both  
    MDoffice  ✔   Both Via practice-based server
    MDSuite EHR     Both Via practice-based server
    Medent ✔ + $   $895 interface fee + $25/month Both Via files
    MedEvolve     Both Via practice- or cloud-based server  
    Medflow*   Both Via practice-based server
    MedFormix Incompatible EHR          
    Medical Mastermind     Server Via practice-based server  
    MedInformatix   Server Via practice-based server
    MediNotes Not 2014 edition certified EHR technology (CEHRT)
    Medios Incompatible EHR          
    Medisoft Incompatible EHR        
    Meditab IMS  ?      Server    
    MicroMD  ?      Both  
    Modernizing Medicine   Cloud Via files
    My Vision Express     Server Via practice-based server
    NeoMed     Server Via practice-based server
    Nextech   Both Via practice-based server
    NextGen*   Both Via practice- or cloud-based server
    Office Ally Not willing     Cloud    
    Office Medicine  ?     Server    
    Officemate     Both  
    OmniMD Interface not finalized     Cloud  
    OpenEMR  ?     Server    
    Origin  ✔ + $  ✔ ? Server Via practice-based server  
    PatientNOW  ✔     Server    
    Practice Authority ?          
    Practice Fusion Interface not finalized     Cloud  
    Practice Partners  ?     Server Via practice-based server  
    Praxis EMR  ?     Both  
    Prime Clinical Systems        
    PrognoCIS     Cloud Via practice-based server
    Quickview EMR  
    Revolution EHR Interface not finalized     Cloud  
    RxNT Interface not finalized      Cloud  
    SammyEHR Incompatible EHR        
    SequelMed  ?     Server    
    SOAPware     Server Via practice-based server  
    SRS  ✔**   Server Via practice-based server
    Streamlane ✔           
    TriMed     Server Via practice-based server
    Venus Medical Systems Interface not finalized     Server    
    VersaSuite     Server Via practice-based server  
    Vitera EHR     Cloud    
    Waiting Room Solutions Interface not finalized     Cloud Via files ✔ 

    Data relevant to the registry will be extracted automatically from the office EHR system and transmitted on a scheduled basis directly to the IRIS® Registry. Participating ophthalmologists then can access the data and run queries on their own patient populations, to benchmark practice performance and uncover potential areas for quality improvement. For EHR-related questions, contact irisregistry@aao.org