• The International Scholar Award is an award that the Academy developed to honor international members and their lifelong commitment to learning. This award is a two-year program.


    To earn this award, you must meet the following criteria

    • Maintain an international membership in the Academy;
    • Have previously received the International Ophthalmologist Education Award;
    • Earn 45 continuing medical education (CME) credits each year for two consecutive years from the time of application. At least 45 credits from the total of 90 accrued for the duration of the application must be Academy-sponsored CME;
    • Successfully complete a timed, online self-assessment test with a passing score of 80% or higher.

    After applying, you are responsible to record your CME credits on your online CME transcript.

    Application and Recognition

    Award recipienets receive the following:

    • A commemorative award certificate
    • Acknowledgement on the Academy's website
    • Acknowledgement on awards panel at the annual meeting
    • Acknowledgement in the Academy's Annual Awards booklet
    • An annual meeting ribbon

    Apply for this award

    2019 International Scholar Recipients

    Anny M.S. Cheng, MD (Taiwan)
    Christos Christakopoulos, MD (Denmark)
    Jose Andonegui, MD (Spain)
    Martin Baumeister, MD (Germany)
    Masako Sugai, MD, PhD (Japan)
    Willem Maat, MD, PhD (Netherlands)

    2018 International Scholar Recipients

    Andrew J. Tatham, MBChB (United Kingdom)
    Andrzej Grzybowski, MD, PhD (Poland)
    F. Javier Farina, MD (Italy)
    Francesco Pichi, MD (Italy)
    Ji Hun Song, MD, PhD (Korea, Republic of)
    Joshua C. Teichman, MD, MPH, FRCSC (Canada)
    Julian Castro-Velilla, MD (Spain)
    Marcos J. Rubio Caso, MD (Spain)
    Mohammad Moin, MD (Pakistan)
    Mustafa Y. Mehyar, MD (Jordan)
    Niro Kasahara, MD (Brazil)
    Nobuhisa Nao-i, MD, PhD (Japan)
    Rosa Dolz Marco, MD, PhD (Spain)
    Shelly-Anne Lalchan, MD (Trinidad and Tobago)
    Zia U.L. Mazhry, MBBS (Pakistan)