• Mid-Year Forum 2020

  • Mid-Year Forum 2020 Is Canceled

    In light of the global emergency related to the new coronavirus, COVID-19, the American Academy of Ophthalmology will not conduct Mid-Year Forum 2020, April 22-25 in Washington, D.C. The health and safety of meeting attendees and the patients in their care is our utmost concern. In recent weeks, institutions have imposed travel bans that prevent attendance by a significant number of attendees, making it impossible to conduct the meeting at this time. We have prepared the following information to help with answering travel, refund and other questions. This information will continue to be updated.


    Why the Academy Is Canceling Mid-Year Forum 2020

    Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, institutions have imposed travel bans that prevent attendance by a significant number of attendees and speakers, making it impossible to conduct the meeting at this time.

    Cancellation Instead of Postponement

    The meeting is canceled. We did not postpone because it’s not possible to secure a venue of this size and reschedule this complex meeting for a later date this year.

    All Events Associated With Mid-Year Forum 2020 Are Canceled

    Canceled events include Congressional Advocacy Day, and the Spring Council Meeting, receptions, award ceremonies, etc.

    Registration Fee Reimbursements

    All meeting registration fees, including guest dinner tickets, will be refunded in full by March 31.

    • The refund is already in process; you do not need to send anything in to get your refund.
    • Credits should appear on your credit card account in March.

    Hotel Reservation Cancellations and Credits

    All hotel reservations made through the Academy’s housing bureau, Expovision, will be canceled and the deposit will be refunded in full by March 31.

    • If you’re unsure whether you made your reservation though the Academy’s housing bureau, Expovision, call Expovision at 866.774.0487, and they can confirm for you.
    • If you didn’t use the Academy’s housing bureau, Expovision, to reserve a hotel reservation or booked at another hotel, contact the alternate hotel directly to cancel your reservation.
    • If you still plan to go to Washington D.C. and want to keep your reservation at the Renaissance Downtown hotel, contact the hotel directly at: 202.898.2000 to rebook. As Mid-Year Forum 2020 is canceled, the Renaissance may not guarantee you the same rate. 

    Airline Reservation Cancellations

    The Academy did not manage any airline travel. Contact your airline directly regarding ticket cancellations. If you are concerned about cancellation fees, contact your transportation provider directly. Most transportation providers have made special provisions to address COVID-19-related issues.

    Information for Mid-Year Forum 2020 Presenters

    The Academy staff member with whom you were working will be in touch with you shortly. 

    Availability of Mid-Year Forum 2020 Meeting Content

    The Academy is evaluating the overall meeting content and potential delivery mechanisms and will communicate its findings. 

    Spring Council Meeting Information

    Plans are underway to address the Council elections, Council Advisory Recommendations (CARs) and the results of the Academy’s survey on optometry. A special notification will be delivered soon.

    Making Up for Congressional Advocacy Day

    Plans are underway to conduct a virtual advocacy day so that ophthalmologists will have an opportunity to brief members of Congress and their staffs on the issues that affect your practice and your patients. A special notification will be delivered soon. 

    Mid-Year Forum 2020 Awards

    Each awardee will be contacted directly by Academy staff about alternate plans.

    Mid-Year Forum 2021

    Mid-Year Forum 2021 is scheduled for April 21-24 in Washington, D.C. at the Renaissance Downtown hotel. Registration will be announced in January 2021.

    If you have additional questions, contact our Customer Service department at registration@aao.org or 415-447-0320.

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