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  • Maintenance of Certification and the IRIS Registry

  • Integrated IRIS Registry users can complete an improvement project that counts toward requirements for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO) Diplomates select an activity from an ABO menu of projects (such as an IRIS Registry-based project designed to improve an aspect of their clinical practice), download the project template, and complete that project independently before returning to the ABO’s website to attest to completion. Diplomates are notified that, if selected for audit, they may be required to submit their project form to the ABO.

    • To get both MIPS and MOC program credit for the project, you must conduct the improvement activity over a minimum of 90 days.
    • The last day to begin an improvement period that qualifies toward both programs is Oct. 1.

    Who Can Complete This Type of Improvement Project

    In order to complete a qualifying improvement project, you must access the IRIS Registry dashboard. To access the dashboard:

    • Your practice’s electronic health record (EHR) system must be integrated with the IRIS Registry; and
    • You must have access to the dashboard that shows your individual performance on the electronic clinical quality measures.

    For new practices, the deadline to sign up to integrate your EHR system with the IRIS Registry is June 15. Practices already integrated with IRIS Registry can look at their performance data to identify a measure for the improvement project.

    Note: If you do not have an EHR system, you can still use the IRIS Registry to report on other types of MIPS improvement activities, but you can’t use the IRIS Registry to complete a project that also qualifies toward MOC.

    How to Complete an IRIS Registry-Based Improvement Project

    To complete a project that satisfies both MOC and MIPS requirements, you need to complete three phases: plan project, project completion and post-project reporting.

    Phase 1: Plan Project

    In order to plan a project, you need to first review your performance in the IRIS Registry in the Verana Health Quality Measures (VQM) Dashboard.

    • You will see all of your measure performance rates compared to the registry average for all users.
    • Decide on which measures you want to improve your performance. Choose one or two.

    Phase 2: Project Completion

    To earn credit for both MOC and MIPS reporting, you must complete at least 90 consecutive days of improvement by Dec. 31, and start your improvement period by Oct. 1.
    During the 90-day improvement period, you can check your performance in the IRIS Registry in the VQM dashboard to review your progress. Dashboard data updates on a monthly  basis.

    Phase 3: Post-Project Reporting

    If you completed at least 90 consecutive days of the improvement period by Dec. 31, your project qualifies to earn credit toward MOC and MIPS reporting requirements. To receive credit for both, you must satisfy two separate reporting requirements.

    • MOC credit: Once you complete at least 90 days of improvement, follow the ABO’s instructions to attest to project completion.
    • MIPS credit: Follow the instructions to attest the Improvement Activities through the MIPS part of the VQM dashboard. Report the improvement activity PSPA_2: Participation in MOC Part IV.