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  • Public Events

    August 10 & August 11, 2024
    A hand with fair skin and a silver ring holds open a flip book made of white paper. The open page of the book shows an animation of pencils and alphabet letters. The whole image is surrounded by a red border, and there is a peach-colored bar across the bottom of the image with red text that reads: Museum of the Eye Craft & Learn: Make Your Own Flip Book2:00pm
    Discover how our retinas make movies and animation possible with this Craft & Learn experience. Then, either draw or color in your own flip book to take home!

    The event is free but requires an RSVP. Spots are limited! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

    RSVP for the Saturday, August 10 workshop here.
    RSVP for the Sunday, August 11 workshop here. 

    September 7, 2024
    An image of a book cover with a circular author headshot sit on a blue background. The book cover is navy blue and yellow, and features a black and white photograph of a man standing next to a 1940s-style bush plane. The title in white text reads: Answering Alaska's Call Linda Fritz. The headshot photgraph features a white woman with bobbed brown hair. She wears a blue sweater and has a wooded background behind her. There is a blue text bar across the bottom of the whole image with yellow text that reads: Museum of the Eye Book Tour Answering Alaska's Call by Linda Fritz.Join author Linda Fritz for a presentation on her book, Answering Alaska's Call. Answering Alaska's Call chronicles the life of pioneering ophthalmologist Dr. Milo Fritz, who left the comforts of his suburban life in the 1940s to become a physician, bush pilot, and legislator in the territory of Alaska. Books will be available for signing and purchase at this event.

    This event will require a free RSVP. RSVP details to be announced soon.

    Docent-Led Gallery Tour
    A young woman with dark hair and a yellow sweater talks to a crown of five or six men and women. She is gesturing at a white sign that reads: Cataracts, with an image of a gray fighter plane on it. There is a white table under the sign with a black touchscreen and a large plastic artifact case. They all stand in a gray museum gallery with gray walls.2:00pm, Wednesday - Sunday

    Join a museum staff member or volunteer for a free guided walking tour of the museum galleries, focusing on anatomy, history, and new innovations. 

    In-Gallery Activity
    A display of red brochures and yellow golf pencils sits on a white desk. The brochure is red and white and features an illustration of two children in 19th century clothing applying a medicine to the eyes of a brown, wooden rocking horse. In the top right-hand corner of the brochure, there is a purple, circular logo that reads: Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye. The brochure has a title in white text that reads: Hoodwinked: MAD LIBS. Free Admission. Fisherman’s Wharf. Hoodwinked: MAD LIBS, Wednesday - Sunday

    Create your own outlandish advertisement with our new in-gallery Mad Lib! In the 19th century, quacks used ads to convince people to buy medicines that did not work – often including outrageous claims and fake testimonials. Pair up, plug your most creative words into the blanks, and then read the advertisement out loud to hilarious results!

    Speaker Suggestions

    We’re interested in hearing from local historians, medical professionals, scientists, innovators, start-ups and artists who are interested in presenting at our evening talks. Email your suggestion to

    Facilitators, Artists and Educators 

    A man watches a woman use a virtual reality headset. She is a Black woman with short hair and a purple shirt, and she wears a gray plastic virtual reality headset over her eyes. He is a white man with blonde hair and eyeglass, and he turned towards her, smiling. She is gesturing with her hands like she is trying to grab something.We host hands-on activities, workshops and demonstrations that relate to the Museum of the Eye®’s themes in our Education Center, which seats up to 30. If you have designed an activity that you would like us to consider, send your resumé, examples of your work, and why you’d like to work with us to

    Book-Related Events

    Do you have a book to launch or publicize that relates to the Museum of the Eye’s themes? Contact Please note that at this time, we do not have a retail space or means to sell books.