• LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist™ Award

  • The LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Continuing Education Recognition Award is annually presented to Academy members in recognition of their ongoing participation in the Academy’s education programs and publications.

    The Academy’s LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as qualifying for reciprocity with their Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA). The Academy was the first national medical specialty society to arrange for this benefit on behalf of its members.

    Criteria for LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award Eligibility

    • Minimum of 150 AAO CME credits earned during a 3-year period from July 1 through June 30
    • Must have claimed CME credit for at least 1 Annual Meeting or a Practicing Ophthalmologist Learning System (POLS) module during the three year time period
    • Must not have been a LEO Award recipient during the same 3 year date range
    • Must be an active member of AAO and AMA

    International members may be interested in the International Ophthalmologist Education Award and the International Scholar Award

    2017 LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award Recipients

    Marc A Abrams MD PhD
    Louis S Angioletti MD
    Denys A Beauvais MD
    Jason H Bell MD PhD
    Andrea L Bock-Kunz MD
    Steven M Brady DO
    Briggs B Bralliar MD
    Gary G Carothers MD
    Ranjana Chauhan MD
    Anny Mansim Cheng, MD
    Christopher J Cheyer MD
    Rafael Chiu MD
    Richard Chiu DO
    Janice E Contreras MD
    Angela Faye Crisp, MD
    Jon L Dusse MD FACS
    Miguel A Espiritu MD
    Rana R Ghauri MD
    Amanda E Gibson, DO
    John S Greco Jr MD
    Leslie D Grosinger MD
    Adriano Guarnieri, MD
    Benjamin P Hale MD
    Kurt A Haller MD
    Darren P Hathaway MD
    Holly S Holm MD
    Cheryl L Huey MD
    Inci Irak-Dersu MD
    Todd L Jackson MD
    Jaskarn Singh Johl, DO
    Ronald W Johnson MD
    Robert G Josephberg MD
    Lauren A Kallina MD
    Kandon K Kamae, MD
    Padmini Kaushal, MD
    Arif O Khan, MD
    David D Kim MD
    Ramesh M Kode MD
    Daniel B Kozlow MD
    Jeevak Lal MD
    Thomas D Lenart MD PhD
    Ning Lin MD
    Zinaria Williams Liu, MD
    Mary S Makar MD
    Daniel L McLachlan MD
    David Joel Medford MD
    Kelly T Mitchell MD
    M Chris Monson MD
    Jose R Montes MD
    Emad Nakkash MD
    Samuel E Navon MD PhD
    Hunter W Norris MD
    Sundhar R Ramasamy MD
    David S Rho MD
    Ruben F Salinas-Garcia MD FACS
    David S Scheer MD
    David M Shepherd MD
    Edward J Sheridan MD FACS
    William K Shields MD
    Marcus J Solomon MD
    Andrew T Strand, DO
    Edward M Stroh MD
    Edmond H Thall MD
    Rupan Trikha MD
    Joseph F Woschitz MD