• LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist™ Award

  • The LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Continuing Education Recognition Award is annually presented to Academy members in recognition of their ongoing participation in the Academy’s education programs and publications.

    The Academy’s LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as qualifying for reciprocity with their Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA). The Academy was the first national medical specialty society to arrange for this benefit on behalf of its members.

    Criteria for LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award Eligibility

    • Minimum of 150 AAO CME credits earned during a 3-year period from July 1 through June 30
    • Must have claimed CME credit for at least 1 Annual Meeting during the three year time period
    • Must not have been a LEO Award recipient during the same 3 year date range
    • Must be an active member of AAO and AMA

    International members may be interested in the International Ophthalmologist Education Award and the International Scholar Award

    2021 LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award Recipients

    Robert T Goetzinger MD
    John G Kublin MD
    Lilia Rivera MD
    James M Richard MD
    Nancy R Webb MD
    Gerald D Horn MD
    K V Chalam MD PhD
    A Joseph Rudick Jr MD
    Robert Gerard Barone MD FACS
    Andrea G Kahn MD
    Paul M Tani MD
    George F Hatch Jr MD
    Deborah R Herrmann MD
    Yasmyne C Ronquillo MD
    Irene Tsironis MD
    Shelley K Driesman MD
    Shyun Jeng MD
    J Peter Roll MD
    Ning Lin MD
    Helen Ka-Fun Li MD
    Gerald J Shepps MD
    Charles David Mayron MD
    David B Muller MD
    Deepinder K Dhaliwal MD
    David D Kim MD
    Michael Mercandetti MD MBA
    Susan H Carney MD
    Donna J Lee MD
    John S Greco Jr MD
    Trey M Butler MD
    William Ko MD
    Lee M Angioletti MD
    Paul V Raphaelian MD
    Nabil E Srouji MD
    Clark S Tsai MD
    Robert J Smyth-Medina MD
    Suresh G Kamath MD
    John G Oster MD FACS
    Edmund P Farris Jr MD
    Bruce E January MD
    Alyson G Yashar MD
    William F Keeling MD PhD
    Jessica L Barest MD
    Samer E Farah MD
    John C Kunesh MD
    Erkan Mutlukan MD PhD
    John C Canzano MD
    Nader G Iskander MD
    Felipe De Alba MD
    Maria E Barbe MD
    Michele A Jamison MD
    Betsy Bao-Thu T Nguyen MD
    Robyn G Cohen MD FACS
    Chandak Ghosh MD MPH
    Gregory E Kellam MD
    Albert S Khouri MD
    Anil U Swami MD
    Waldemar Torres MD
    Arnold M Parial MD
    Jason E Ysasaga MD
    Benedict Urmaza MD
    Tina D Turner MD
    Daniel G Dawson MD
    Anjali K Pathak MD
    Mamta Patel, MD
    Tim B Hopkins MD
    Harshi S Bains MD PhD
    Soma Agarwal MD
    Ik-Sung Kwon MD
    Alexander C Wu MD
    Dilys Jennifer Bart MD
    Richard M Ahuja MD
    Monali V Sakhalkar MD
    Anthony L Napolitano MD
    Erin T Gilliland MD
    Dino D Klisovic MD
    Lily Koo Lin MD
    Joshua Kim MD
    Karen Nipper MD
    Munzer M Abdulhak MD
    Christopher S Jordan MD
    Sohail J Hasan MD PhD
    Vasiliki Poulaki MD
    Saima Jalal MD
    Roman Shinder MD
    Ashish Toor MD
    Sheila Shifrin, DO
    Saadia Rashid MD
    Frank S Hwang MD
    M Donna Qahwash DO
    Tarek A Shazly, MD
    Peter Karth MD
    Deana L Choi, MD
    Shawn Ashwin Lewis MD
    Patricia C Nelson, MD
    Jewel Liao, MD
    Alma Michelle Mas Ramirez, MD
    Kyeong Hwan Kim, MD, PHD
    Benjamin Jeremy Reinherz, DO