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  • LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist™ Award

  • The LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Continuing Education Recognition Award is annually presented to Academy members in recognition of their ongoing participation in the Academy’s education programs and publications.

    The Academy’s LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as qualifying for reciprocity with their Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA). The Academy was the first national medical specialty society to arrange for this benefit on behalf of its members.

    Criteria for LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award Eligibility

    • Minimum of 150 AAO CME credits earned during a 3-year period from July 1 through June 30
    • Must have claimed CME credit for at least 1 Annual Meeting during the three year time period
    • Must not have been a LEO Award recipient during the same 3 year date range
    • Must be an active member of AAO and AMA

    2023 LEO Lifelong Education for the Ophthalmologist Award Recipients

    Wael M Abdelghani MD
    Stacey L Ackerman MD
    Shareef B Ahmed MD
    Bette L Anderson MD
    Brad G Anstadt MD
    Herbert C Becker Jr MD
    Leonard G Bendikas MD
    Catherine H Bene MD
    Diane E Boone MD
    Steven M Brady DO
    Todd E Brittain, DO
    Steven V L Brown MD
    Stanley S Bykov MD
    Coye T Carver MD FACS
    Christopher T Cessna DO
    Mariann M Channell MD
    Mabel M P Cheng MD
    Christopher J Cheyer MD
    Thomas B Choi MD
    Nancy H Choo MD
    Christopher T Coad MD
    Leon F Cohn, MD
    Joseph Anthony Crapotta, MD
    Shashi K Dharma MD
    David Kevin Diskin MD
    Michael Ehrenhaus MD
    Stephen J Farkas MD FACS
    Andrew C Fong, MD
    Ronald Eric P Frenkel MD
    Roberto Felipe Garcia MD
    Kenneth P Goldblum MD
    M. Gilbert Grand, MD
    Maxwell Greenman MD
    Lenard H Hammer MD
    Elizabeth Ann Hansen MD
    Barry S Herst MD
    Camille M Hylton MD
    Herbert J Ingraham, MD
    Lawrence Joseph Jaeger MD
    Cameron G Javid, MD, MBA
    Robert G Josephberg MD
    Seth I Kaplan, MD
    John J Khadem MD MPH
    Shahab Khan MBBS
    Samer A Khosrof MD
    Daniel K Kim MD
    Spero J Kinnas, MD
    Steven M Kirkham MD
    James A Knupp MD
    Daniel Krivoy MD
    Jeevak Lal, MD
    Michele Lanza, MD
    Marc A Leibole MD
    Shann Lin, MD
    Suresh Mandava MD
    Athanasios G Marneris, DO
    John Matthews MD
    John A Millin MD
    Nicholas M Mittica MD
    Sam Multack, DO
    Emad Nakkash MD
    William Brian Neusidl MD FACS
    Sawsan R Nowilaty MD
    Stephen M Oddo MD
    Joseph M Ortiz MD
    Francesco Pichi, MD
    Alan J Pollack MD
    Andrew M Prince, MD
    Sundhar R Ramasamy MD
    Prasan M Rao, MD, FRCS
    Lisa Fran Rosenberg MD
    Jonathan B Rubenstein, MD
    Sarwat Salim, MD
    Luis R Santiago MD
    Daniel P Schaefer MD FACS
    Matthew E Schmidt MD
    Jacqueline Elizabeth Smith, MD
    Robert T Spector MD
    Alan Victor Spigelman MD
    Gregory A Stainer MD
    Alina K Stanciu MD
    Lawrence S Stone MD
    Grant W Su MD
    Sheila K Sullivan, DO
    Stephen M Tait MD PhD
    Patrick C Tso MD
    Yoshihiko Usui, MD
    Mitchell Vogel MD FACS
    Cuong D Vu MD
    Jane Camille Werner MD
    Daniel Zuckerbrod MD MPH