• The International Ophthalmologist Education Award was developed to recognize international Academy members who pursue lifelong education in ophthalmology.


    To earn this award, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Maintain an international membership in the Academy;
    • Have completed all your medical training;
    • Earn 45 continuing medical education (CME) credits each year for two consecutive years from the time of the application. At least 45 credits from the total of 90 accrued for the duration of the application must be Academy-sponsored CME.

    After applying, you are responsible to record your CME credits on your online CME transcript.

    Application and Recognition

    Award recipients will receive the following:

    • A commemorative award certificate
    • Acknowledgement on the Academy's website
    • Acknowledgement on award panels at the annual meeting
    • Acknowledgment in the Academy’s Annual Awards booklet

    Apply for this award

    2018 International Ophthalmologist Education Award Recipients

    Akshay Gopinathan Nair, MD (India)
    Anas Anbari, MD, PhD, FACS (Bahrain)
    Anurag Mathur, MBBS (United Arab Emirates)
    Boris Malyugin, MD, PhD (Russian Federation)
    Ebtisam K Al Alawi, MD (Bahrain)
    Emerson M. Cruz, MD (Philippines)
    Ermilo Sanchez-Buenfil, MD (Mexico)
    Eva M. Hasenbeck, MD (Germany)
    Fadi Calotti, MD FRCSC (Canada)
    Harvey S. Uy, MD (Philippines)
    Kenzo Hokazono, MD, PhD (Brazil)
    Lional Raj Daniel Raj Ponniah, MD (India)
    Lucio Nei Ribeiro, MD (Brazil)
    Marcus Ang, MBBS (Singapore)
    Michael T.W. Butler, MD (Canada)
    Miguel A. Srur, MD (Chile)
    Min Kim, MD (Korea, Republic of)
    Pankaj Singh, MD (Germany)
    Sayali P. Pradhan, MBBS (United Kingdom)
    Selwa Abdulla F. Al-Hazzaa, MD (Saudi Arabia)
    Stefano Da Dalt, MD, PhD (Italy)
    Taek-hoon Lee, MD (Korea, Republic of)
    Van C. Lansingh, MD (Mexico)

     2017 International Ophthalmologist Education Award Recipients

    Danielle Arroyo, MD (Brazil)
    Heather Marie Bartlett Casparis, MD (Switzerland)
    Thales Padua Brasileiro, MD (Brazil)
    Anny Mansim Cheng, MD (Taiwan)
    Christos Christakopoulos, MD (Denmark)
    Andrzej Dmitriew, MD (Poland)
    Manel Fernandez Bonet, MD (Spain)
    Charisse R. Grant-Ledger, MD (St Vincent And Grenadines)
    Gustavo Teixeira Grottone, MBA, MD, PHD (Brazil)
    Adriano Guarnieri, MD (Spain)
    Nathaniel E. Knox Cartwright, BMBCH (United Kingdom)
    Willem Maat, MD (Netherlands)
    Kaweh Mansouri, MD (Switzerland)
    Hideyasu Oh, MD, PHD (Japan)
    Joao Carlos Otoni De Matos, MD (Brazil)
    Muneer M. Quraishy, MBBS (Pakistan)
    Francis K. Sarau, MD (Philippines)
    Fakhruddin Shamel, MD (Afghanistan)
    Sunisa Sintuwong, MD (Thailand)
    S. Chien Wong, MBBS, FRCS (United Kingdom)
    Peng Zhou, MD (China)
    Thales Padua Brasileiro, MD (Brazil)