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  • Annual Meeting Program Committee

    The Annual Meeting Program Committee is responsible for the scientific program including instruction courses, symposia and the Spotlight on Cataracts session.

    Secretary for Annual Meeting

    Bennie H. Jeng, MD

    Associate Secretary for the Annual Meeting Program

    Sharon D. Solomon, MD

    Subcommittee for: Cataract

    Surendra Basti, MBBS

    Subcommittee Members
    Brandon Ayres, MD
    Sathish Srinivasan, MBBS

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Kourtney A. Houser, MD
    Sumitra S. Khandelwal, MD
    Jeremy Z. Kieval, MD
    Kamran M. Riaz, MD
    Anjali Tannan, MD

    Subcommittee for: Cornea, External Disease

    Jessica B. Ciralsky, MD

    Subcommittee Members
    Anat Galor, MD
    Elmer Y. Tu, MD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Vatinee Y. Bunya, MD
    Vishal Jhanji, MD, FRCOphth
    Christina R. Prescott, MD
    Christopher S. Sales, MD
    Peter B. Veldman, MD

    Subcommittee for: Glaucoma

    Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD

    Subcommittee Members
    Jenny Chen, MD
    John T. Lind, MD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Natasha Nayak Kolomeyer MD
    Ahmara G. Ross, MD
    Brian C. Stagg, MD
    Catherine Q. Sun, MD
    Luis E. Vazquez, MD

    Subcommittee for: Neuro-Ophthalmology, Electronic Health Records/Information Technology, Ethics, General Medical, Global Ophthalmology, Medical Education, Ophthalmic History, Vision Rehabilitation and Wellness

    Julie Falardeau, MD

    Subcommittee Members
    Nagham Al-Zubidi, MD
    John J. Chen, MD, PhD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Ore-Ofeoluwatomi O. Adesina, MD
    Shauna E. Berry, DO
    Amanda D. Henderson, MD
    Reid A. Longmuir, MD
    Madhura A. Tamhankar, MD

    Subcommittee for: Ocular Pathology, Oncology and Oculoplastics, Orbit

    Jonathan W. Kim, MD

    Subcommittee Members
    Steven M. Couch MD
    Michael K. Yoon, MD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Anne Barmettler, MD
    Catherine J. Hwang, MD
    Daniel B. Rootman, MD, MSc
    Kenya M. Williams, MD
    Sandy X. Zhang-Nunes, MD

    Subcommittee for: Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus

    Martha P. Schatz, MD

    Subcommittee Members
    Stacy L. Pineles, MD
    Federico G. Velez, MD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Sean P. Donahue, MD, PhD
    Judith E. Gurland, MD
    Tina Rutar, MD
    Ujwala Saboo, MD
    Mitchell B. Strominger, MD

    Subcommittee for: Refractive Surgery and Optics, Refraction, Contact Lenses

    Elizabeth Yeu, MD

    Subcommittee Members
    Edward E. Manche, MD
    Kathryn Masselam Hatch, MD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Gregory D. Parkhurst, MD
    Brian M. Shafer, MD
    Denise M. Visco, MD
    Caroline Watson, MD
    Dagny C. Zhu, MD

    Subcommittee for: Retina, Vitreous and Uveitis, Intraocular Inflammation

    Sunir J. Garg, MD, FACS

    Subcommittee Members
    Anita Agarwal, MD
    Yannis Mantas Paulus, MD

    Subcommittee Reviewers
    Christopher J. Brady, MD
    Mark Philip Breazzano, MD
    Jay K. Chhablani, MBBS
    Jessica D. Randolph, MD
    Alice Zhang, MD
    Bryn M. Burkholder, MD
    Vaidehi Shradha Dedania, MD
    John A. Gonzales, MD
    Jaclyn L. Kovach, MD
    Jennifer E. Thorne, MD, PhD

    Special Projects Committee

    The Special Projects Committee is responsible for developing programs to complement those that are submitted by members or societies.

    Associate Secretary

    Carolyn K. Pan, MD

    Committee Members

    John J. DeStafeno, MD
    Laura B. Enyedi, MD
    Collin M. McClelland, MD
    Beeran B. Meghpara, MD
    Amina I. Malik, MD
    Kateki Vinod, MD