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  • How to Apply

    Apply for the three volunteer roles below. If you have questions or need assistance in completing the forms, please contact or call (415) 447-0209.

    A museum volunteer interacts with three visitors at a museum front desk. The volunteer is a young woman with long dark hair wearing a yellow sweater. She gestures at two women and a man, who all small back at her. The women are both white and one has blonde hair and the other has brown hair. The man is a tall Black man with a shaved head wearing a blue suit and pink shirt. They all stand underneath a white sign with purple lettering that reads: Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye.Volunteer
    Our volunteer program brings together a community of individuals who are enthusiastic about museums and science content and enjoy sharing knowledge with others. If this sounds like you, contact us today!

    • Welcome visitors to the museum
    • Support public programs
    • Get involved in projects

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    Two museum workers crouch near an open drawer full of eyeglasses. They are both women, and one has long dark hair while the other has short cropped brown hair. They are both wearing white cotton gloves and are holding up a small artifact.Become an Intern
    The Museum of the Eye® seeks self-motivated credit seeking students for internships. Through hands-on experience, interns will develop skills in museum administration, visitor experience, public programs, collection management, social media, and more.


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    A man and a woman interact near a microscope. The man is a tall Black man in a blue suit and pink shirt, and he stands next to a white woman with shirt blonde hair and a green jacket. He is smiling and gesturing towards the microscope while she listens. Behind the microscope, there is a large television screen showing a backlit model of a human eye.Become a Docent
    We have a range of volunteer roles. Docents welcome visitors to the museum and can host fun demonstrations, explain exhibits, or give tours.

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    Bring Your Talent
    The museum strives to create a unique and safe space for people from all backgrounds to take advantage of these opportunities. We highly encourage people who identify as underrepresented or otherwise marginalized to apply. And yes! Our building is ADA accessible.