• The Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye® has four permanent galleries focused on the science and history of ophthalmology.  Each gallery contains cutting-edge interactive exhibits and objects from the museum's historical collection. For gallery layout, download our museum map.

    Gallery 1: The Amazing Eye

    Your eyes are the gateway to a visual system that processes millions of bits of information per second. This gallery explains the anatomy of our eyes, and how we translate images into understanding. 

    Gallery 2: The Power of the Retina
    The retina codes the world into edges, contrast, and color. In this gallery, you will learn more about the how the retina functions to recognize light, perceive color, detect contrast, and sends information up to the brain. 

    Gallery 3: Discoveries
    The mysteries of the eye have been studied for thousands of years. This gallery contains timelines and historical artifacts that show the history of medicine and specific eye conditions, including corneal diseases, retinal diseases, strabismus, glaucoma, and cataracts.

    Gallery 4: Innovating for Sight 
    Today, we are examining individual cells, identifying genes, and are on the cusp of treating what was once irreversible damage in the eyes. This gallery explores some of the newest ideas and technologies that are changing the practice of ophthalmology.