• Ethics and the Academy

  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology holds itself and its members to the highest ethical standards. These encompass numerous evidence-based standards for patient care as well as organizational and individual disclosure of financial relationships.

    Member Standards

    The Academy is committed to maintaining the highest standards of care for all patients. The Academy maintains several evidence-based guidelines and other vetted reviews on the Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE®) Network.

    Several other guidelines specifically address the ethics of patient care. All materials are periodically reviewed and updated, as needed.

    Redmond Ethics Center

    The center promotes professionalism and ethical practice through educational courses and activities, lectures, guidelines and other resources.

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    • ONE Network Clinical Guidelines: Evidence-based, current guidelines for approaching treatment of eye conditions and diseases.
    • Code of Ethics: The ethical principles and rules of the Code guide ophthalmologists’ behavior so their actions are in the best interests of patients.
    • Advisory OpinionsThese ethics statements explain the rules of the Code of Ethics in more detail. They use case studies to describe the rules in practice. Ethics-specific policy statements serve a similar function.
    • Reporting Concerns: Patients or physicians concerned about the conduct of an individual ophthalmologist may formally report the situation to the Academy Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee can only investigate concerns that 1) relate to the Code of Ethics and 2) involve Academy members.
    • FAQs: Ethics Investigations and the Hearing Process: Academy members with questions about communications from the Ethics Committee may wish to review the Committee’s FAQs for more information or contact the Ethics Committee staff.

    Organizational Standards

    The Academy adheres to the Council of Medical Specialty Societies’ (CMSS) Code for Interactions with Companies (March 2011).