• 2021 Supporters

    We thank the following individuals for supporting the Academy's educational, quality of care and service programs. Make a tax-deductible gift online or by contacting Todd Lyckberg at tlyckberg@aao.org or 415.447.0361. View 2020 supporters


    Leadership Council

    $1,000,000 and up

    Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD

    $500,000 and up

    Michael F. Marmor, MD


    $10,000 - $24,999

    David F. Chang, MD and Victoria A. Chang
    Steve T. Charles, MD
    Michael and Rochelle* Schermer
    Steven D. Schwartz, MD


    $5,000 - $9,999

    Richard L. Abbott, MD
    George and Lynn Bartley
    Tamara R. Fountain, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan Morse
    Lynn and David Noonan
    Cary and Janet Rayment
    Alan L. Wagner, MD, FACS
    Ruth D. Williams, MD and Stephen C. Gieser, MD. MPH


    $2,500 - $4,999

    David Keith Emmel, MD
    Dr. Michael and Susie Hawes
    Ramana S. Moorthy, MD and Shailaja Valluri, MD
    E. Ronald Salvitti, MD
    Robert E. Wiggins Jr., MD, MHA


    Partners for Sight

    $1,000 – $2,499

    Daniel J. Briceland, MD
    William S. Clifford, MD
    Joann Paley Galst, PhD
    David B. Glasser, MD
    Jody K. Judge, MD
    Geoffrey M. Kwitko, MD, FACS
    Stephen D. McLeod, MD
    Robert G. Mobley, MD
    John D. Peters, MD
    Christopher and Sara Rapuano
    Sarwat Salim, MD, FACS
    Sonya B. Shah, MD
    Marc A. Sirota, MD
    Dr. Gregory L. and Anne M. Skuta
    Robert B. Taylor III, MD
    Nancy N. Tsai, MD
    John A. Wells III, MD
    Kevin P. Wienkers, MD
    Maria A. Woodward, MD, MS
    Fasika A. Woreta, MD
    Young Hee Yoon, MD


    $500 – $999

    Robert S. Bailey Jr,, MD
    Brock K. Bakewell, MD
    Donald C. Falgoust, MD
    Robert M. Gilliams, MD
    Catherine E. Graham
    Robert D. Gross, MD
    Julie S. Lee, MD
    David Paton, MD
    Jeffrey S. Robin, MD
    Lisa M. Tarman
    Juliann K. Williams, MD


    $250 – $499

    Katherine H. Baltz, MD
    Richard G. Gieser, MD
    Steven T. Jackson, MD
    Lawrence Mendenhall and Richard Horan
    Dorothy M. Moore, MD
    Carolyn M. Sakauye, MD
    Christianne Schoedel, MD
    Frank A. Scotti, MD
    Debra J. Shetlar, MD
    Joern B. Soltau, MD
    Nano K. Zeringue, MD


    $100 – $249

    Gaetano R. Barile, MD
    Lawrence F. Black, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Cantrill
    Kian Eftekhari, MD
    Bradley Dean Fouraker, MD
    Erich Bryan Groos, MD
    Thomas F. Harbin Jr., MD, MBA
    Christina M. Haslinger
    Karen M. Joos, MD, PhD
    Norman A. Kempler, MD
    Barry J. Leader, MD
    David V. Lightfoot, MD
    Ann Yuan-Hwa Lin, MD
    Debra Marchi, COA
    Leanne Murray
    John F. O'Neill, MD
    Edward L. Raab, MD
    James G. Ravin, MD
    Joanne F. Shen, MD
    Ashwita Thatipamula
    James J. Y. Wong, MD


    Up to $99

    Wilma Krause Brucker, MD
    Joe Douglas Druliner
    Kiran Sankarappan
    Ann Shue, MD


    List updated as of May 4, 2021.