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  • 2024 Supporters

    We thank the following individuals for supporting the Academy's educational, quality of care and service programs. Make a tax-deductible gift online or by contacting Todd Lyckberg at or 415.447.0361. View 2023 supporters

    Leadership Council

    $100,000 - $249,999

    $10,000 - $24,999

    Ann Acers-Warn, MD, MBA

    $5,000 - $9,999

    George and Lynn Bartley

    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Spivey

    Ruth D. Williams, MD

    $2,500 - $4,999

    David Keith Emmel, MD

    Caroln and Paul Lichter, MD

    Alan R. Morse, PHD

    Purnima Sharad Patel, MD

    Partners for Sight

    $1,000 – $2,499

    Dr. Sanders and Linda Benkwith

    Roy D. Brod, MD

    Emily Y. Chew, MD

    Mark M. Cohen, MD

    Anne Louise Coleman, MD, PHD

    Arthur J. Edelstein, MD

    John A. Epstein, MD

    David B. Glasser, MD

    Stephen E. Higgins, MD

    Randolph L. Johnston, MD

    Jack Kaback, MD

    Kenneth P. Kato, MD and Nan Nagy

    Peter R. Laibson, MD

    Peter and Flora Lum, MD

    Benjamin S. McKendall, MD

    Lawrence Mendenhall and Richard Horan

    Robert and Judy Rubenstein & Community Foundation

    Chasidy D. Singleton, MD

    John R. Stechschulte, MD

    John R. Stabile, MD

    Russel N. Van Gelder, MD, PHD

    John A. Wells, III, MD

    Kevin P. Wienkers, MD

    $500 – $999

    Katherine H. Baltz, MD

    Gil A. Epstein, MD

    Maksim Grinberg

    Kevin McKinney, MD

    Margaret P. Moorhouse

    John D. Peters, MD

    Linda M. Uniat, MD

    Harry Zink, MD


    $250 – $499

    Lung Chang, MD

    Elizabeth A. Hodapp, MD

    Woodrow Hunt, MD

    Jeff Johnson, MD

    Fraser Muirhead, MD

    George H. Olsen, Jr.

    Frank A. Scotti, MD

    Richard H. Whitten, MD

    $100 – $249


    Bronwyn Bateman, MD

    Deloris W. Bell, MD

    Barry A. Bohn, MD

    Herbert L. Cantrill, MD

    Peter T. Chen, MD

    Misha Faustina, MD, FACS

    Mark D. Fowler

    Marvin G. Frank, MD

    Sandra P. Gardinier

    Julie G. Horan

    Karen M. Joos, MD, PHD

    Mark B. Lindsay, MD

    Joe R. McFarlane, Jr, MD

    Anne M. Nachazel, MD

    David J. Palmer, MD

    Dundoo Raghunandan, MD

    William J. Reinhart, MD

    Andrew P. Schachat, MD

    Up to $99


    Nancy Landen-Russo

    Maureen P. Rea

    Gerald W. Zaidman, MD, FACS

    List updated as of June 4, 2024