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  • 2022 Supporters

    We thank the following individuals for supporting the Academy's educational, quality of care and service programs. Make a tax-deductible gift online or by contacting Todd Lyckberg at or 415.447.0361. View 2021 supporters


    Leadership Council

    $100,000 - $249,999

    Michael F. Marmor, MD


    $10,000 - $24,999

    Dr. David and Victoria Chang
    Steve T. Charles, MD
    Douglas D. Koch, MD
    Cathleen M. McCabe, MD
    Michael J. Schermer, MD
    Dr. Gregory L. and Anne M. Skuta
    Harry and Kathy Zink Charitable Fund


    $5,000 - $9,999

    George and Lynn Bartley
    Peter and Flora Lum
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan R. Morse
    Edwin Hurlbut Ryan Jr., MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Spivey


    $2,500 - $4,999

    Mark and Recia Blumenkranz
    Michael W. Brennan, MD
    J. Ricardo Castañon-Moreno, MD
    Thomas A. Deutsch, MD, FACS
    Lynn K. Gordon, MD, PhD and Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD
    Dr. Allan and Ms. Claire Jensen
    Randy and Patty Johnston
    Stephen D. McLeod, MD
    E. Ronald Salvitti, MD
    Gloria and Paul Sternberg


    Partners for Sight

    $1,000 – $2,499

    Warren Appleman, MD
    Daniel J. Briceland, MD
    Paul T. Finger, MD
    William J. Fishkind, MD, FACS
    David B. Glasser, MD
    Lynn K. Gordon, MD, PhD and Jonathan Braun, MD, PhD
    Judy E. Kim, MD
    Katherine A. Lee, MD, PhD
    Peter and Ruth Laibson
    Katherine A. Lee, MD, PhD
    Todd Lyckberg
    Tom S. Maddox Jr., MD
    James G. Ravin, MD
    Lawrence J. Singerman, MD
    Rand Spencer, MD
    Gloria and Paul Sternberg
    Alan L. Wagner, MD, FACS
    Kevin P. Wienkers, MD


    $500 – $999

    Robert S. Bailey Jr., MD
    Paul and Gail Ginsburg
    Lawrence Mendenhall and Richard Horan
    Purnima S. Patel, MD
    David Paton, MD
    Jeffrey S. Robin, MD
    Victoria M. Sheffield
    David J. Spinak, MD
    Samir Vira, MD
    Steven D. Zelko, MD


    $250 – $499

    Bradley C. Black, MD
    D. Alan Chandler, MD
    Carl J. May Jr., MD
    Frank A. Scotti, MD
    John E. Sutphin, MD


    $100 – $249

    William Acton
    Kenneth Braun, MD
    Thomas S. Harbin, MD, MBA
    Elliot L. Levine, MD
    David V. Lightfoot, MD
    Leela V. Raju, MD
    Harvey S. Rosenblum, MD, FACS
    Barry M. Scher, MD


    Up to $99

    Catherine Graham, COA, MA
    Nancy Landen-Russo
    Leanne Murray

    List updated as of March 1, 2022.