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  • Board of Trustees

    The policy-making body of the Academy, the Board of Trustees manages and directs its business affairs, mission and strategic goals, and allocates the resources necessary to accomplish those objectives.

    The 2024 Board of Trustees nomination process is open now until Jan 31, 2023.

    Board of Trustees and the Committee of Secretaries

    Row 1: Ruth Williams, MD; Dianna Seldomridge, MD, MBA; Maria Aaron, MD; Judy Kim, MD; Daniel Briceland, MD; Robert Wiggins Jr., MD, MHA (President); Stephen McLeod, MD (CEO); Tamara Fountain, MD; Alison Blake, MBBCH; Aaron Miller, MD, MBA; Andrew Schachat, MD Row 2: RV Paul Chan, MD; Aaron Weingeist, MD; Christopher Rapuano, MD; David Herman, MD; George Williams, MD; Paul Ginsburg, PhD; Anna Luisa Di Lorenzo, MD; Purnima Patel, MD; Mary Louise Collins, MD; Michael Repka, MD, MBA; J. Timothy Stout, MD, PhD, MBA; Row 3: Rahul Khurana, MD; Timothy Olsen, MD; Gregory Skuta, MD; Jim Lawrence; Ron Pelton, MD, PhD; Thomas Graul, MD; Ravi Goel, MD; Russell Van Gelder, MD, PhD; John Peters, MD


    The Committee of Secretaries oversees Academy committees and directly develops and manages committee program activities. Secretaries advise the Board of Trustees on the relative priority of major programs within the Academy.


    Under the direction of the secretariats, committees develop and implement specific programs that address the long-range objectives of the Academy.


    The Council serves as the advisory body to the Board of Trustees and provides recommendations for Board action based on membership concerns.

    Governance Documents