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  • Vision: To be the most valued and credible professional eye care organization.

    Mission: To protect sight and empower lives by serving as an advocate for patients and the public, leading ophthalmic education, and advancing the profession of ophthalmology.

    Advocate for Patients and the Public

    • Welcome the public into the Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye. Continually improve the Museum through visitor evaluation.
    • Publish five papers related to disparities in eye care with recommendations for action by stakeholders, including the Academy and ophthalmologists, and with the IRIS Registry as one approach. 
    • Conduct annual public education campaign (through social and traditional media) to alert the public to eye health risks.

    Lead Ophthalmic Education

    Offer educational programs to assess and promote clinical excellence and professionalism.

    • Design, market and execute AAO 2022 to reach at least 75% of the professional attendees of AAO 2018 (Chicago) final numbers.
    • Develop and implement relevant asynchronous and synchronous content for members and ophthalmic health professionals.
    • Support and grow EyeNet Magazine and the peer-reviewed journals, Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology Retina, Ophthalmology Glaucoma and Ophthalmology Science
    • Develop mobile and online clinical care support tool applications to include the application of simulation technology.
    • Lead a collaborative initiative to raise awareness and attack the public health problem of onset of myopia in young children and myopia progression in children and adolescents with other national eye care and medical organizations.   

    Advance the Profession of Ophthalmology - Membership

    Provide services that attract and retain Academy members and foster engagement with the Academy and its programs.

    • Ensure that the IRIS Registry continues to provide substantive member value, supports member success in the Medicare Quality Payment Program, and supports a program of scientific discovery.
    • Continue building a community of support for Minority Ophthalmology Mentoring participants through expanded mentoring, education, and opportunities to enhance their competitiveness to become ophthalmology residents. 
    • Launch a marketing campaign to attract members to participate actively in one or more Ophthalmology Community groups that will further expand their professional interests and networks. 


    Advocate effectively on behalf of ophthalmology and patients and for the eye care needs of the public and communities.

    • Through coalitions within the physician community, ensure fair valuation of payments to ophthalmology, particularly E/M equity for Medicare global surgical payment.
    • Increase public and state advocacy engagement through the State Secretariat-supported Safe Surgery Coalition social media platform to preserve surgical standards of care. 
    • Work with medical specialties to develop and advance a Medicare physician payment reform plan (MACRA replacement) that recognizes the value of clinical data registries such as IRIS Registry.    
    • Lead coalition to reduce regulatory burdens under Medicare payment system, including reversing Step Therapy allowance.

    Ophthalmic Practice

    Offer management resources that anticipate and meet the needs of ophthalmic practices and practitioners in providing the highest quality care with effective and efficient use of resources.

    • Increase collaboration with other organizations including Verana Health, OMIC, IJCAHPO and private equity companies to raise AAOE visibility and expand sales of products and services.
    • Develop educational resources and networking for entire ophthalmic practice team to enhance Academy and AAOE member value.
    • Reinvent the AAOE practice management program at the annual meeting to respond to changing member needs.  


    Manage the Academy's financial resources to be effective and efficient fiscal stewards.

    • Achieve a net operating income goal of $1.83M or 3% of revenue.
    • Support Verana's commercialization and data ingestion activities to maximize value of partnership and Academy royalty and equity assets.
    • With ASCRS, grow the Eyecelerator programs that result in Eyecelerator becoming the leading source for ophthalmic innovation.  
    • Increase efficiency, accuracy and security by implementing cloud-based accounting, accounts payable and expense processing solutions.


    Utilize tools and systems to advance the Academy's ability to manage the organization effectively in service to its mission.

    • Ensure a smooth transition to the leadership of the new CEO.
    • Plan construction of the Parke Center, a new conference center to meet the evolving needs of Academy staff, volunteers and tenants.
    • Review and update current Academy Management Services offerings and structure to enhance their value to the Academy and the field.
    • Implement the agreed-upon recommendations of the Task Force on Organizational Diversity & Inclusion and take steps to ensure Academy leadership, committees, podium speakers and award recipients are inclusive and diverse. 
    • Review current human resources practices, including regarding management, diversity, equity and inclusion, and implement appropriate feedback and training for senior management group.