• Vision: To be the most valued and credible professional eye care organization.

    Mission: To protect sight and empower lives by serving as an advocate for patients and the public, leading ophthalmic education, and advancing the profession of ophthalmology.

    Advocate for Patients and the Public

    • Launch public awareness campaign to increase knowledge about the importance of eye health during the year 2020.
    • Enhance EyeSmart website traffic and page views as part of year 2020 campaign.
    • Create a dynamic, hands-on public museum in San Francisco to educate visitors about eyes, vision, and the history of ophthalmology.

    Lead Ophthalmic Education

    Offer educational programs to assess and promote clinical excellence and professionalism.

    • Leverage the IRIS Registry to identify and develop educational opportunities via the ONE Network and other delivery modalities which will support the Academy's consistet achievement of Accreditation with Commendation from the ACCME.
    • Expand the reach of Academy online educational opportunities through knowledge centers on the ONE Network, provide more open access opportunities and develop new content for broader audiences.
    • Collaborate with the American Board of Ophthalmology to ensure the Academy can anticipate and deliver activities, including the IRIS Registry, that help members navigate the dynamic environment of MOC. 
    • Support and grow the peer-review and member publication family of Ophthalmology and EyeNet Magazine.
    • Develop mobile and on-line care support tool applications to include the application of simulation technology.
    • Develop a strategic plan for the annual meeting that achieves a better utilization of space, enhances members' meeting experience, and maximizes expected net income.
    • Spearhead an initiative to attack the public health problem of myopia prevalence, progression, and treatment needs.   

    Advance the Profession of Ophthalmology


    Provide services that attract and retain Academy members and foster engagement with the Academy and its programs.

    • Ensure that the IRIS Registry continues to provide substantive member value, supports member success in the Medicare Quality Payment Program, and supports a program of scientific discovery.
    • Launch a new pathway for members to engage with the Academy by volunteering for projects on a short-term basis.
    • Using the results of the 2018 member engagement survey, find ways to increase international member engagement in key target areas. 


    Advocate effectively on behalf of ophthalmology and patients and for the eye care needs of the public and communities.

    • For codes targeted as mis-valued, ensure fair valuation of ophthalmology services.
    • Centralize efforts to engage the public to derail state legislative surgical proposals that threaten patient safety and surgical standards of care.  
    • Preserve specialty-led performance measurement and recognition of the validity and value of data from clinician-led QCDRs.
    • Lead coalition to advance an appropriate Medicare Part B Drug payment system for patients and physicians.

    Ophthalmic Practice

    Offer management resources that anticipate and meet the needs of ophthalmic practices and practitioners in providing the highest quality care with effective and efficient use of resources.

    • Implement the new leadership development program for administrators (Ophthalmic Practice Administrator Leadership).
    • Develop a practice management certification program for administrators.
    • Explore the development of an online practice management video library.


    Manage the Academy's financial resources to be effective and efficient fiscal stewards.

    • Achieve a net operating income goal of 2.9%.
    • Support Verana Health's commercialization efforts to maximize value of partnership and Academy equity assets.


    Utilize tools and systems to advance the Academy's ability to manage the organization effectively in service to its mission.

    • Continue the Academy’s position as leader and convener of all ophthalmic societies.
    • Expand the partnership with the American Academy of Optometry. 
    • Upgrade Personify data exchange system to permit enhanced granular analytics.