• Global Ophthalmic Community

  • Of the nearly 300 million people worldwide living with visual impairment, 90 percent live in the developing world. In these regions, the need for quality educational resources for ophthalmologists is critical. For more than 25 years, the Academy's Global Outreach programs have put invaluable clinical materials into the hands of the physicians who need it most, enabling them to treat millions who would otherwise lose their sight.

    “There are patients who sometimes cannot be helped because the necessary, up-to-date skills and knowledge are lacking. The Academy and its Foundation are doing a fantastic job to address this need through its educational programs and quality of care research. And we in the developing countries are the greatest beneficiaries. Who would not gladly support such initiatives?”
    - Benedictus G. K. Ajayi, MBBS, MHS, Ibadan, Nigeria

     "I have found the ONE Network to be very comprehensive, providing a broad view of current ophthalmic practice, carefully updated information and access to journals that simply are not easily available to eye surgeons in Africa. I believe the ONE Network will be the single most helpful resource for improving the quality of eye care service and residency training on the continent."
    - Abeba Welde Giorgis, MD, Ethiopia

    "I used the ONE Network to diagnose a case of carotid cavernous fistula, resulting in prompt neurosurgical intervention that saved the patient’s life." - an ophthalmologist in India

    "Thank you, AAO. It is nice to know the Rotary Club Host Project is providing this great lifetime opportunity for doctors in developing countries to participate in the RCHP and attend the annual meeting. My exposure to AAO has given me the confidence to move ophthalmology in my country forward by advocating partnerships with all eye care providers."
    - David Pahau, MD, New Guinea

     "I am profoundly grateful to AAO and the ONE Network team. I haven't been on the ONE Network for [even] a day, yet I have realised how immensely it is going to impact my learning towards becoming a proficient ophthalmologist."
    - Sunday Commando Maji, MD, Nigeria

    "I wish I could have shown you the eyes of the residents light up when they saw the latest version of the Basic Clinical and Science Course along with the ProVision modules and Basic Ophthalmology books still wrapped in the original plastic.Thanks once again for all of your efforts and the kindness and generosity of the Academy to provide such treasured teaching resources to those in the developing world."
    - John S. Jarstad, MD, upon delivering educational resources to a residency program in Indonesia

    "A million thanks. The Basic and Clinical Science Course books arrived and we are very grateful. We are slowly stocking a library for the residents that are now rotating through our facility and these will go a long way in getting the library to where I want it to be. Your support is highly appreciated."
    - Kibata Githeko, MBChB, MMED
    PCEA Kikuyu Eye Unit, Africa

    "The ONE Network has been a very new and great tool for us because it provides a new variety of resources. Those are very expensive in our country and to have a membership for a journal costs so much and the schools don't have enough money to provide those. Through the ONE Network, we have the ability to use them and it is a fantastic tool for us."
    - Angela Maria Fernandez Delgado, MD, Colombia