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  • The American Academy of Ophthalmology serves first to educate its members and ensure the best possible patient care. Other related activities include advocacy, public education and service, through EyeCare America, and advice on the business side of ophthalmology through the American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives.


    Education is a primary focus of Academy activities and the Academy offers a number of programs to meet the educational needs of ophthalmologists and other members of the eye care team.

    The Academy's annual meeting is one of the largest and most important ophthalmic meetings in the world. This outstanding four-day event offers symposia, scientific papers, instruction courses, films, posters and exhibits designed to educate ophthalmologists and others about the practical applications of new advances in eye care.

    The Academy also develops and produces a wide range of print and electronic educational materials, including reference books, audio and videos, CD-ROMs, self-assessment programs and an online education center. These materials provide ongoing education for practicing ophthalmologists, residents and other health professionals. Many programs and materials carry CME credit.

    Eye Care Information

    The Academy is the premiere provider of eye care information to the public. Through a variety of materials and programs, including patient education publications, the EyeSmart® program and public information campaigns to promote eye health and safety, as well as relationships with news media, the Academy provides balanced, credible and timely information on preserving and protecting vision.


    The Academy's Governmental Affairs Division in Washington, D.C., represents ophthalmologists and their patients before federal and state policy makers. Academy staff and physician leaders regularly meet with government officials to provide input on legislative and regulatory issues that affect the delivery of quality eye care.

    The Academy also works with state ophthalmic organizations to represent the interests of ophthalmologists and their patients in state legislatures and with managed care organizations.

    Ophthalmic Practice

    Practicing medicine today requires knowledge and skills that extend beyond clinical expertise. The Academy offers a variety of managed care and practice management programs to assist its members in responding to the increasing socioeconomic demands placed on the physician. In addition to a wide variety of practice-related publications and materials, the Academy offers seminars on practice management, coding assistance, as well as a career-search and employee-location help through the Ophthalmology Job Center.

    The Academy recognizes the crucial role ophthalmic managers and administrators play in the success of any practice. The American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives offers a variety of educational and other programs and services tailored to their needs.

    Quality of Care

    Academy members are committed to providing the highest possible quality eye care. To assist them, the Academy produces a number of materials to support them in the clinical decision-making process. The cornerstone of this program, the Academy's Preferred Practice Pattern® series, provides a series of guidelines to identify the characteristics and components of quality eye care.

    A number of other publications, designed to supplement the Preferred Practice Pattern series, provide additional information on new technologies and complementary therapies, to help ophthalmologists sift through an ever-expanding body of clinical data and information. In addition, the Academy provides members with timely information to help them avoid potential medical errors and enhance patient safety.