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  • Academy staff assists a member at the Academy’s annual meetingThe mission of the American Academy of Ophthalmology is to protect sight and empower lives by serving as an advocate for patients and the public, leading ophthalmic education and advancing the profession of ophthalmology.  

    Through the dedication of nearly 1,000 physician volunteers, supported by more than 200 staff, each of us fulfill a critical role in serving our member physicians and their patients. Our collective efforts help the Academy maintain its reputation as one of the world's preeminent medical associations. 

    As stewards of our organization, we share a set of principles that define how we view the people we serve – as well as each other – to ensure our continued success. It's our culture – how we do things at the Academy: 

    Commitment to Our Mission 

    We are a community – a family – dedicated to serving our members and the profession of ophthalmology, resulting in the promotion of eye health to the public and the highest quality of care for patients. 

    Excellence and High Quality  

    We take pride in our work, producing and delivering useful programs, products and services that reflect positively on the profession. We work hard to ensure that our offerings are trusted and of the highest quality.  

    Global Leadership in Ophthalmic Education 

    We treasure and consistently work to uphold our reputation in advancing the profession of ophthalmology. We are committed to providing the world's best clinical education and ophthalmic business resources. 


    We are not afraid to be creative and take risks. We are thoughtful and data-driven in achieving innovation and regeneration that advances the profession and our organization.

    Collaboration and Teamwork 

    We value collaboration with our colleagues and welcome constructive feedback. We're a cohesive team, working across departments and with our members, patients, the public and other professional and business partners to maximize the contributions and success of all.

    Can-Do Attitude and Accountability 

    We are accountable to and support each other. We take initiative, work hard, are open-minded and embrace a positive attitude. We are experts within our respective roles, embracing continuous learning and professional growth. 

    Inclusiveness, Diversity, Kindness and Respect are the Lifeblood of Our Organization  

    We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are inclusive in our interactions, demonstrating respect and kindness in everything we do. We care about the personal well-being of our colleagues, making work-life balance a priority while maintaining our focus on member service. 

    Fiscal Responsibility 

    We make intelligent use of our financial resources in achieving our mission. We are diligent in preserving and growing them in sustaining a multifaceted organization to the benefit of our member physicians and the patients for whom they provide care.​

    Member physcians participate during the Academy's annual meeting