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  • Search the AAO 2023 Program

    Use the Mobile Meeting Guide to search the AAO 2023 scientific program and to find meeting information.

    • Don't visit the app store! Access this online guide from any mobile device, tablet, laptop or computer.

    • Bookmark the site or save it to your home screen for quick return access.

    You do not need to login or be a member to view program information. Login when you want to save items to your planner.

    How to Sign In

    I am an Academy Member or I Have an Academy Account

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    I am Not an Academy Member and I Don't Have an Account

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    Staying Signed In

    Once you sign in, you should be able to stay signed in on that device. You can also easily add another or switch devices.

    Having trouble staying signed-in? Certain settings on your phone may prevent the Mobile Meeting Guide from "remembering" you. Check the privacy and security settings on your phone's web browser to ensure that you are accepting "cookies" and that "private browsing" is not enabled.

    How to Search the Program

    1. Choose the Program button on the home screen.

    2. Click “Program Search.”

    3. Type in the search field or select a filter, then scroll down for results.

    4. You can refine your search by choosing multiple filters, even within the same category, including format, meeting, day and topic.

    Note: Program details (format, room, etc.) are subject to change.

    Saving Your Search

    You have two options to save your search results:

    • Click the blue "Export Results" button, then save the file to your computer, or

    • Log in to save items to your planner.

    Clearing Your Last Search

    You have three options to clear a previous search:

    • Click "Reset" at the base of the filter menu, or

    • De-select the filters you had previously chosen by re-clicking them, or

    • If you typed an inquiry into the "Search for..." field, click the "x" next to the field.

    Additional Features Coming Soon

    In the fall, the Mobile Meeting Guide will be your best resource to:

    • Find meeting information, hotels and shuttle schedules.

    • View events and exhibitors, then save them to your planner.

    • Set text alerts to notify yourself of upcoming items in your planner.

    • Navigate the meeting with helpful maps.

    • Download and view course handouts, videos and posters.

    • Fill out session evaluations.


    For support, email