• The Exhibitor Registration website for AAO 2020 will open Wednesday, Aug. 12.

    The online registration process allows exhibiting companies to manage their list of representatives, making changes, additions and deletions until the close of the annual meeting.

    Each company has appointed an individual to register the company’s employees. This individual can access the link to the Exhibitor Registration website by logging into the Exhibitor Portal and selecting the Exhibitor Registration item on their Checklist.

    Exhibiting companies receive five (5) complimentary badges per 100 square feet of exhibit space purchased and can pay for two (2) additional representatives per 100 square feet.

    The exhibitor badge allows access to:

    • Free sessions
    • Symposia
    • Posters
    • Video presentations

    Exhibitor Representatives may purchase the Academy Plus course pass in advance using the unique link in their email confirmation of registration.

    Exhibitor Representatives may not register for Skills Transfer courses.

    Badge Distribution

    The exhibiting company primary or secondary contact can pick up all or some of the badges onsite during a scheduled window of time. 

    Representatives can also pick up their badges individually during registration hours.

    Potential Registration Options for Representatives of Non-Exhibiting Companies

    Commercial Representative Registration

    For Commercial Representatives with a legitimate business or educational reason, but whose company does not have a product or service to exhibit.

    • This registration includes access to all sessions, symposia, papers, posters and the exhibition for all four days of the Academy's annual meeting.

    Industry Visitor Pass

    For companies interested in exhibiting in the future. This pass allows two representatives of a company to visit the Academy's annual meeting Exhibition for one day.

    • If the company decides to participate at the next annual meeting, this amount will be applied to its exhibit space fee.
    • All companies must be approved to exhibit.

    Business to Business Industry Visitor Pass

    Offered as a professional courtesy for non-exhibiting companies to allow representatives of industry contact with the companies who are participating in the Academy's Exhibition.

    • This pass allows a representative to visit the exhibit hall all four days of the exhibition.

    Approval Process

    Companies must be approved to attend in the preceding categories. The Academy will begin accepting information for review starting in May. Please contact exhibitions@aao.org for additional information.